Researchers warn, the third wave of Covid 19 will peak in February 2022 in India

New Delhi | Covid 19 Third Wave Alert: Outbreak corona infection in India has imposed restrictions in many states. With the increase in new cases of corona in the country, the cases of Omicron variant of corona are increasing more rapidly. In such a situation, a total of 358 Omicron infected have been reported in the country so far. Omicron is also dodging vaccines and infecting people. In such a situation, the researchers of IIT Kanpur have predicted the third wave of corona.

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The third wave will peak in February 2022
Covid 19 Third Wave Alert: It is becoming difficult to control Omicron, which has spread in more than 16 states of the country. Due to which many states have imposed restrictions again. In view of these increasing cases of corona and Omicron, researchers at IIT Kanpur believe that the third wave of corona epidemic will peak in India by 3 February 2022. According to a report by researchers, following worldwide trends, it is believed that India’s third wave may start in mid-December and peak in early February.

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Covid 19 Third Wave Alert: The team has used a statistical tool called Gaussian Mixture Model to estimate the third wave. For which data from the first and second waves in India and Omicron cases have been seen in many countries to estimate a possible third wave in the country.

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Corona 374 people have died in the country in the last 24 hours, while 6 thousand 650 new cases have been reported. During this, 7 thousand 51 corona patients have also been cured on the last day. But, the new variant of Corona in the country, Omicron, has created an uproar. So far 358 cases have been reported.

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