Strength exceeds 10 million views .. but could not overtake Bigil

Ajith’s fans are celebrating it like a festival as the trailer of the movie Valimai starring Ajith was released last evening. They are left to splurge on the website in the joy of having benefited from so much waiting.

Fans have been trending the trailer of the film in great Kushi as Ajith’s vision is available on the big screen with the strength film that has emerged almost two years after Ajith’s performance. Apart from that the trailer has been making various achievements in the number of viewers since its release last evening.

Accordingly the trailer of the movie Strength was released at 6.30 pm yesterday. In this situation, it has set a new record by getting around 8 million viewers in just four hours of its release. Zee Studios has officially announced this information on their Twitter page.

Besides, the trailer of the movie Valimai Ajith is also in a way to satisfy the fans and the fans are celebrating this. We have no right to take more lives. The trailer of the film is constantly trending with mass dialogues such as “Strengthens the next savior and does not destroy him”.

The trailer of the movie has received over 10 million views and over one million likes so far. This trailer is expected to set a new record in the number of viewers as many more are watching.

The Beagle trailer received a million likes in an hour. That record was currently expected to be broken by the Strength trailer but could not.



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