Sunil Grover had a heart attack, after which Kapil Sharma did this big work.

Sunil Grover is a popular comedian, he recently had a heart attack, after which he underwent surgery in a hospital in Mumbai, now Sunil Grover is recovering, he is at his home and has been discharged from the hospital Sunil Grover Kapil Sharma at one time. Both of them had a wonderful relationship when they were seen on the show and Sunil Grover was called the Raunak of Kapil Sharma’s show at that time. But a fight happened like this, both of them got engaged and both of them decided not to work together. It is said that Kapil and Sunil had a fierce fight in the plane while returning from the show and after that both of them did not see each other with a teary eye, but after giving the incident, both Kapil and Sunil went through a difficult face where Kapil was suffering from depression. His show was closed, many allegations were made on him, there was a lot of controversy, his weight also went after and it took one and a half years to handle him, while Sunil Grover also did not become a part of any special show.

People wished a lot that these two should work together now but it did not happen but with time the bitterness between the two has definitely reduced and now Kapil Sharma has definitely reacted on Sunil Grover’s heart surgery Kapil Sharma whose on Netflix The series is going on, I am not done yet, for the promotion of the same series, Kapil Sharma talked to the media during which he also talked about Sunil Grover’s health Kapil said that as soon as I heard this, I was very stunned because He is very young and such a disease at such a young age is a matter of great tension, however Kapil said that I have also left him a message, good well soon but I do not expect his reply because his health is bad at this time and he is currently is recovering.

When Kapil was asked how did you know about Sunil, Kapil told that both of us have many such friends who talk about Sunil, that friend had told Kapil a few days ago how Sunil Grover got heart. The attack came and he had to undergo surgery, let us tell you that blockages were found in Sunil’s heart and because of that he also had an attack, his bypass surgery was done and now he is resting at home.

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