Talks for Harish Rawat in Delhi and kicks and ruckus in Uttarakhand Congress office…

Dehradun | Harish Rawat Uttrakhand Congress : Now the conditions are getting worse day by day for the Congress. Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat got angry and then agreed. Amidst these efforts, there was a fierce ruckus in the Congress office in Dehradun. The matter had reached to this point, the Congressmen clashed with each other and even a scuffle broke out. It has been told that a debate started in the office on the matter of abusing Harish Rawat, after which the fight started. According to the information received from the sources, the supporters of Harish Rawat have assaulted the State General Secretary Rajendra Shah on the allegation of abusing.

Harish Rawat Uttrakhand Congress :

Rawat’s supporters broke down on the state general minister

Harish Rawat Uttrakhand Congress : According to information received from the sources, the State General Secretary had allegedly abused Harish Rawat. What was it then, Harish Rawat’s supporters surrounded him and beat him fiercely. Within a short time, the supporters of Rajendra Shah also came and the supporters of both clashed with each other. Let us tell you that Harish Rawat had created a ruckus with a tweet. Since then, efforts are being made to fix things between the Congress high command and Harish Rawat.

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Congress engaged in damage control

Harish Rawat Uttrakhand Congress : This whole matter has come to the fore when a meeting is being held in Delhi to end this political turmoil. Harish Rawat has been summoned to Delhi and every effort is being made to persuade him. In such a situation, the incident in the Congress office of Dehradun can once again become a headache for the Congress high command. It has been told that Priyanka Gandhi herself is looking into the matter and she has convinced Harish Rawat again.

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