The 5 characters who got the most applause this year .. Athulayum our Dancing Rose camel

Some of the characters in the films released this year have impressed the fans immensely. The supporting cast is more talked about among the fans than the lead actors in the film. Let’s look at the five characters that captivated people’s minds in that way.

Lal-Karnan: Karnan, a well-received film directed by Mari Selvaraj and starring Dhanush, has been released this year. Lal Karnan, who is a leading director and an unavoidable actor in the Malayalam film industry, received rave reviews from the fans for his stellar performance as Ema Raja in the film.

The Dancing Rose-Charbatta lineage: Shabeer Kallarakkal made his debut in Tamil cinema with the film Come Close and Kiss. Although he played the villain and supporting roles in successive roles, the role of Dancing Rose in this year’s Sarpatta Heritage film starring Arya took him to the pinnacle of fame.

Kingsley- Dr: Although Retin Kingsley has acted as a comedian in many films in Tamil cinema, he has attracted the attention of the fans with his film Doctor starring Sivakarthikeyan and is currently continuing to act in the films of many of the leading actors of Tamil cinema.



Manikandan-Jay Beam: Jai Beam is a film about Surya’s way of life and the true story of the tribal people. Actor Manikandan had brought the role of Rajakannu in the film. His performance was praised by many.

jai bhim

jai bhim

Maran-Dikilona: Santhanam starrer released this year. Comedian Maran played the role of a mentally ill person for only the last few minutes of the film. The verse he speaks was well received among the fans.

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