The hair-raising laws made in this country against those who sexually abuse children…

New Delhi | Child Sex Law Russia : Not only India, many countries of the world are troubled by the cases of rape of children. In such a situation, Russia has made a provision of severe punishment for the culprits of sex with children. By changing the laws, Russia has tried to give the harshest punishment to the culprits. Under the new law, the culprits will be imprisoned for life in the coldest region of the world in the Arctic. Talking in this matter, the Parliamentary Speaker of Russia said that the laws or laws are completely justified for the demons who sexually abuse children. He said that it is also wrong to expect to live with such culprits.

Outrage in Russia after this case

Child Sex Law Russia : Let us tell you that after the rape of a 5-year-old girl in Russia last week, there is outrage across the country. It has been told that two homosexuals aged 44 and 24 had kidnapped and raped the girl. Not only this, after raping, both of them had stabbed the girl several times with a knife and after killing her, locked her in a suitcase and tried to hide her. Both the accused were caught after the CCTV footage surfaced. After this matter, the Russian government has taken strict steps.

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Demand is rising continuously in India too

Child Sex Law Russia : Let us tell you that in India too, this kind of demand is continuously rising for the last few years. Cases of rape of minor children are coming to the fore from different parts of the country. After which the campaign is being run continuously in social media. Although the laws related to rape have become strict in the last few years, but the people of the country are not satisfied with it.

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