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Earth is in trouble and the future is bleak because every year the hottest year is happening and every year the coldest year is also happening.….and COP-26 Failed too. Nevertheless, what happened in Glasgow is the radicalization of a generation and the beginning of something much newer… Young activists playing the role. This is also changing the political sphere. for example, There is a fundamental change in policy and scale in Germany.

I bet you have no idea where Tuvalu is.

I bet you don’t even know who Clover Hogan or Tsai Surui is.

apart from all, I bet the recently concluded COP in Glasgow (COP-26) In 25 Thousands protested outside the convention and online petitions by young activists from around the world 18 Millions signed. But maybe you are not even aware of this.

2015 I was not aware of the new world. so, World leaders at the time of the Paris Agreement ,earth protector, was said. At that time these people had promised that the global temperature would be lowered by two centigrade and it would be brought to pre-industrial levels. There will be an attempt to limit it to one and a half centigrade again. Then this promise was highly praised and ,Negotiators appointed by governments, To ,earth protector, Saying he was rightly honored.

But now fast forward 2021 Come in and see the world. The forests are burning. trees are falling, breaking and falling. The seas are choking and gasping. the mighty mountains are slipping, People are drowning and dying. unseasonal rain, heavy flood, Earthquake, Volcano eruption and then that epidemic, Which has literally stopped the life of the people and made them uncertain. Undoubtedly the Earth is in trouble now and the future looks bleak as the hottest year is happening every year and the coldest year every year.

Obviously the concern (Cop) from the beginning till now 30 Elected leaders around the world have clearly done little to address the existential threat to humanity over the years. Apart from giving publicity to hollow promises, 2015 Nothing else in Paris 2021 Not in either.

glasgow climate change conference

then ,environmental concern, Now it’s terrifying. Adults as well as adolescents are being found with depression and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) because of the domicile surrounding them., ambient cries, would have been bad, Toxic air is getting worse. Nature is suffocating and people are also suffocating.

“56 Percentage of youth believe their future is in jeopardy, This thing COP-26 in the NYT Climate Hub 22 Clover Hogan, climate activist of the year, said. 2018 When I 15 There was a lot of criticism when Greta Thunberg of the Year took over our screens and minds. So that ,what does he know, that’s just 15 year old,, ,She wants to be in the discussion, nothing more,, ,what power does he have to change the world,,

however, Now 2021, Views outside the Scottish Events Campus along the River Clyde in Glasgow. It would seem that the power of the new world, which he has conscious and collected, will be the gathering of the same. For the first time in the history of climate conferences, related headlines, Glasgow Convention ,Success, was by the vibrant participation of the youth population. world leaders ,protector of earth, The focus is more on the trust created by the presence of the youth rather than on the hustle and bustle of being. It is also correct. If the youth of forty percent of the total population expressed their interest by shouting and shouting,, If the concern is shown, then those people will feel the pressure who are still not ready to accept that ,Climate change, Is.

Similarly, the signing of two hundred countries on the Glasgow Convention Treaty did not go as far as the emotional speech of Tuvalu’s Foreign Minister Simon Kofe. Wearing his suit-tie, he gave a speech standing in the sea water till his knee. So that the world knows that their island country of the Pacific Sea, situated at a low altitude, is in the front line countries facing the effects of climate change. The island country of Tuvalu is in the west central Pacific Sea between Australia and Hawaii. He is in danger. Tuvalu Nine Atolls (atolls) made up of and its population is close to 11 is thousand. The highest place there is just four and a half meters above sea level. in such a way, It is particularly vulnerable to climate change. of the government of Australia 2011 according to a report of 1993 Since then the sea level is rising by about half a centimeter every year. Tuvalu, like many of its neighbors, is warning that without global action,, His whole land would be submerged.

According to Tuvalu’s Finance Minister Siva Payenyu,it’s not a fantasy, This is a future truth. Our land is fast disappearing. Tuvalu is really sinking. we must act now,,

,Economist, The magazine has reported that the level of COTU is increasing in an angry manner. for centuries he 275 from ppm 285 Between ppm. year 1910 In that it happened three hundred ppm. And 2020 this coming 412 was ppm. This is rapid growth. such growth, Due to which the ice-glaciers are melting and the temperature is increasing. Destruction has become common and there are leaders who want to get together, to gossip, Not taking the name of a walk and finally moving on from an old covenant.

then ,The Guardian, Director of K Tebtebba Foundation (Indigenous People’s International Center for Policy Research and Education), In the words of Victoria Tolly Corpse, many local leaders and activists have lost their lives in worrying about the ecology the world needs. Despite this the COP-26 In I too nothing special has been done to make a clear path for one and a half centigrade. Nor were the countries and peoples likely to be affected by the worry of the crisis.

That being the total meaning of Glasgow’s climate conference, Zero.

No immediate relief from emissions to island countries. At the same time, developing countries kept crying for more money. Producers of fossil fuels do not want them to stop their exports. Rich countries are not ready to compensate for the loss caused by them. Meaning everyone signed the Glasgow Climate Pact and left. In the name of the Glasgow Climate Pact, it merely offers a set of principles and goals for action on climate change. The agreement was merely a lever for international political pressure. Thus the end of two weeks of hope like a pain in the heart of the world.

So how to assume that COP-26 a breakthrough,

That’s just in the air. people came mixed, talk, photographed, Signed some papers. Discussed and accused someone else here and there. These are the next year’s COP-27 which will be repeated in Egypt and will probably end with another move.

Despite this the COP-26 What happened is the radicalization of a generation and the beginning of something new. Even though COP-27 By the time we come, we face the coldest winter and the hottest summer. but yesterday ,defenders of the earth, There is new hope because the youth are becoming vocal. Young activists are playing the role. This is also changing the political sphere. for example, There is a fundamental change in policy and scale in Germany and the politicians have understood that now Green politics, Elections cannot be won without green policies. There is no doubt that gradually the conditions for a new revolution are being created. At the same time, in the new time, a new political force for change may become.

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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