These mistakes on Facebook can send you to jail…

New Delhi. Facebook Mistakes Creates Problem : Today’s era is of social media. There would hardly be any person who would not use it these days. It is also true that this medium connects people, but if carelessness is taken, then it also gets into legal trouble. There are many people who are active on Facebook, they do not even know that accidents can happen at any time if precautions are not taken. You too must have shared your opinion on any issue by writing on Facebook these days. But do you know that if you make these mistakes then you may have to go to jail too.

Do not use abusive words at all

Facebook Mistakes Creates Problem : If you are constantly using abusive words against a particular person or organization, then this can prove to be your big mistake. For doing so, the concerned organization or person can also send you to jail. Not only this, if these posts are noticed by the IT cell, then you will be caught in the hands of the law. In such a situation, you should try to avoid the use of abusive words on social media.

Facebook Mistakes Creates Problem :

Do not post objectionable posts at all

Facebook Mistakes Creates Problem : If you are sharing your thoughts on any issue through post then you need to be cautious. Especially when you are expressing your opinion on a sensitive issue. By the way, I should take special care of you that whether or not any person is going to tarnish the image of any sect or any institution. If this happens then you may have to go behind the bars.

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Avoid objectionable video photos and factless information

Facebook Mistakes Creates Problem : Many times one wants to see that people start sharing things without fact checking. More so, this mistake is due to enthusiasm, which later has to bear the heavy consequences. If you are putting pictures and videos on such a post, then you should be careful.

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