Those who do not follow social distancing should be punished: Vijayendra Kumeria

With the number of Covid-19 cases increasing every day, it is still a bit scary to step out of our homes. Social distancing is the need of the hour and even though it is a rule that must be followed religiously, people have completely ignored it. Vijayendra Kumeria says that those who are not following it should be punished.

They said, “Social-distancing is very important. It should be strictly enforced, and those not following it should be punished. This is a serious problem which should not be ignored and should be followed with discipline.”

However, the actor feels that though people are scared of the outbreak, they need to step out of their homes for their daily bread and butter. They said, “The fear of Covid-19 has not subsided, but people need to work to earn a living. No one will feed them for free. I think it’s not what people want, but what they want that matters.”

The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown certainly brought about a lot of positive changes. People have become more conscious about cleanliness. They are not only washing their hands frequently, but also washing anything and everything they buy. From milk packets to vegetables and other food items, do not enter the house without washing them thoroughly. Vijayendra feels that people should continue this habit even after the situation becomes normal.

They said, “Personally I have always maintained good hygiene but now that I see everyone doing it, I really like that people are aware and doing it. I hope people will not forget these habits even after returning to normalcy.”

We hope the same. And is he doing anything to keep his mind at ease, Vijayendra said, “I write, I like to write down my thoughts, good, bad or ugly, then from those thoughts, I try to create concepts for the content. That’s how I keep my cool and get something productive out of my thoughts too.”

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