Threat of third wave in the country! Allahabad High Court said – elections should be postponed, because ‘Jaan hai to Jahan hai’

New Delhi | Corona Outbreak in India: In view of the ever-increasing threat of ‘Delmicron’ (Delta-Omicron) in the country and the strong apprehension of a third wave, the Allahabad High Court has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Election Commissioner of Uttar Pradesh to be held next year. The on-going Legislative Assembly elections have been urged to be postponed. Along with this, the election rallies being held during this period have also been asked to be banned. Justice said that because there is life then there is a world? Significantly, along with the continuous cases of Omicron in the country, the cases of corona infection have also increased. Due to which the danger of third wave looms large.

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If you want to promote, then do it through TV and newspapers.
Corona Outbreak in India: In the midst of the Corona crisis, the Allahabad High Court on the rallies, meetings and campaigns regarding elections in Uttar Pradesh strictly said that if political parties want to campaign, then do it through TV and newspapers so that, Don’t crowd. The court also requested the PM to take strict steps to stop the election meetings and rallies of the parties.

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PM Modi said – the time has not come to lay down arms
Corona Outbreak in India: Prime Minister Modi also called a high-level meeting on Thursday on the deteriorating situation in the country with ‘Delmicron’. During this, the PM said that the country should be alert and careful because the time has not come to lay down arms. Let us tell you that after the re-activation of Corona epidemic, many countries of the world have again resorted to lockdown. Countries like China, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Scotland have imposed complete or partial lockdown.

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