Today I am very upset Abbas sahib, I want comfort from you, I hope you will definitely give what the world cannot give.

,Ali Peter John

It falls a day after Christmas on 26 December, a day that is celebrated in the West as Boxers Day. I don’t know why it’s called Boxers Day, but I do know that today is a day when I want to box the ears of some men and women who are driving me crazy and making me an angry old man. Beyond my comprehension and tolerance. I have no one else to complain about the changing and cruel face of the world and the people here, so I have come before you this morning.

The world was still wild when you were here, but you should know that the world has become much more wild after you are gone. All the morals, values ​​and principles are thrown into the increasing number of dustbins placed in every corner to keep with our beloved Modi ji’s slogan “Clean India” and there is more dust and dirt than decay and dead values. In comparison, the real dirt and dust of the world is not in a race to go somewhere and get somewhere.

Corruption was a way of life, even when you were around and fought all your fierce battles against it without any fear, the only big difference is that corruption has now become a religion that has more priests and priests than any other religion. are followers.

Religion was a way of finding peace and praying for one’s needs, but religion has now become a ritual of spreading hatred and killing and killing even the most innocent people in the name of religion and various deadly gods and sinful saints, including Some of those who are languishing in jails for the most heinous crimes committed against women, children and even against the society and the country. Only two days ago, two saints from the majority community issued a threat to wipe out the minority community of which you were once a part and many of your colleagues who were prominent writers, poets, playwrights and thinkers of the highest order. I know if you were around, you would have ripped apart the sky to express your anger against what is happening in the name of God and man-made religions.

In your time we had politicians of very high caliber, but have you seen the absolutely corrupt and hateful politicians we have today. We have leaders who only lie day and night, we have leaders who believe that the only way to be in power is to pit one community against another on the basis of hatred and hatred. We have powerful leaders who have to hold press conferences to show that they are educated. We have an education minister who appears to be from Iran, but pretends to be a patriot and goes on a long vacation to lose weight in order to be more presentable to her voters, who eagerly beat and broom them. And others are eagerly waiting to be beaten with soft weapons. Which they think are more powerful than the most advanced cannons and other fine latest weapons of attack.

We have senior ministers who have been deported (Tadipar) who head the country’s most sensitive ministry. We have his deputy whose beloved son drives his SUV over several farmers and a journalist and is in jail, but whose guilty father still holds a high position in a government led by a man who once claimed to be a chaiwala. And there is absolutely no evidence of tea being sold or served anywhere at any railway station.

Dear Abbas sahib, if you had a look at the group picture of all the men and women running our government, you would either scream your lungs out or you would go into a state of silence which would have given you time to reflect. To answer what was wrong and in such a way that all Indians could be shaken by their sense of sleep or fear, which they have filled themselves with, we need you today, dear Abbas sahib, than at any other time.

Newspapers and TV channels are full of fake news and doing gross injustice to the country, the constitution and the institution of true journalism. A Ravish Kumar or an Abhisar Sharma or a Sandeep Chaudhary or an Arfa Khan Sherwani is the need of the hour. We need an army of brave, courageous and conscientious journalists who are willing to risk their lives to speak the truth in an environment where new books written by the illiterate, new ones read by the illiterate and understood Have books. Only by the completely illiterate.

You know, dear Abbas sahib that we were known as a developing country, that now even countries like Nepal and Bangladesh are said to have a better growth rate than you and my country. The population of beggars is increasing like a bullet train and beggars are not accepting coins or one or two rupees, they are satisfied only when a ten rupee note is held in their hand or they insult the people who want them. wanna help. The most disturbing rape stories have taken the place of entertainment in the media and murders and murders, frauds and scams are no longer shocking and law keepers themselves are becoming law breakers.

There is fear in every heart, in the eyes of the rich and the poor, and even in the Abbas, Ammas, Ambanis, Adanis and their poor brothers, sisters and even their distant cousins. Every institution, every hospital, every orphanage, every home for women in distress and every place where some good people are trying to do something good are being looked at with suspicion. A Sukesh Chandrasekaran is a bigger hero than your Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan or Hrithik Roshan. And a Sunny Leone and a Rakhi Sawant are treated with more respect than either Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or Deepika Padukone.

And to add to all this misery and more, we have this brutal virus called Corona Virus and now Omicron. They’re already destroyed and the way they’re going on the rampage, it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop their “mission to destroy everyone who comes our way”. And even as I am talking to you, news comes once again that a son has given his old mother a couple of drinks to buy her a couple of drinks for not giving her hard-earned money. Knife to forget the fear.

I have almost lost hope that things will turn around and they call me a pessimist and a traitor and may even throw me in one of their overcrowded prisons, which have become new homes for those who Speaks against chaiwalas, taadipaars and drivers who drive vehicles. Beat. I struggle with situations that I’m stuck in like millions of others. Will you dip your big handkerchief in cold water and put it on my high feverish forehead?

Thank you for listening to me this Boxers Day, Abbas sahib. I will come back to you next Sunday and I hope to be able to smile when I see you again.

With a heavy heart…. Ali

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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