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The press conference for the Coronation Grand Prize will be led by Carlos Máximo “Maxi” Brunner, president of the Missionary Association of Rally Pilots and Navigators (AMPyNaR), Oscar Mieres, head of the Missionary Federation of Sports Motoring (FeMAD), the Mayor of Aristóbulo del Valle, Eldor Hut, the Organizing Controller of Salto Encantado, Andrés Podkowa and the pilots Javier Holtzbach (AZ Light), Sebastián Poschka (Quad A).

The referents will give details of the test that will close the Rally Missionary calendar and will consecrate the new monarchs in the different categories of cars, quadricycles and motorcycles.

Rally Coronation Grand Prize
Rally Coronation Grand Prize

Registration opens today

Registration for the sixth and last date of the year will begin today at 12 and will run until 19 on Wednesday, December 1.

The pairs of the different car categories must send their complete information (name and surname, class, cars, town) by WhatsApp to 3764661253 (Cynthia Pettersen) or 3764549619 (Pablo Lizarraga).

Motorcycle riders should send their complete data to Daniel Yendrika at 3758418850 and ATV riders should do the same with Martin Cassoni at 3754545728.

Activity from Friday

The Grand Coronation Prize, a test that will be valid for the sixth and last date of the Rally Missionary Championship, which will be held from Friday to Sunday, along the neighboring roads of the municipalities of Aristóbulo del Valle and Salto Encantado.

Chronologically, the activity will begin on Friday, December 3 with the arrival of the teams to the Service Park that will be in the Municipality of Salto Encantado and the recognition of the roads that will be from noon.

At night, from 8:00 p.m., the night Super Special will start to take place on Las Américas avenue in Aristóbulo del Valle. The start will be in front of the Municipality of Aristóbulo del Valle and the route will be similar to the one carried out in 2019.

On Saturday, starting at 11, the First Stage will be run, which will be played on two stages that will be repeated twice, making a total of 4 PCs. The first section will be Salto Encantado-Cantera Vialidad and the second section will be El Maná-Picada Paraguay.

On Sunday, from 8 o’clock, the second Stage will be played, which will have another four PCs (Salto Encantado-Cantera Vialidad and El Maná-Picada Paraguay).

The closing of the race, and the last stage of the year, will be at the Jeeperos estate in Aristóbulo del Valle with a new Super Special. The entrance will cost 200 pesos.

The Grand Coronation Prize is organized by the Municipalities of Aristóbulo del Valle and Salto Encantado with the collaboration of the AMPyNaR and is sponsored by Petrovalle, Cooperativa Cainguás de Electricidad, de Provisión y de Servicios Varios Limitada. It will be supervised by the Missionary Federation of Sports Motoring (FeMAD).

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