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Election strategist Prashant Kishor is trying to make Trinamool Congress a Congress. He did not speak in Congress, He did not join the party because the party leaders had doubts about him and also the party did not want to give him that position or that kind of control., what they wanted. He has got all that in Trinamool Congress. That is why they are engaged in making Trinamool Congress into the real Congress. Though there are some practical difficulties in this yet he has started a mega recruitment drive in Trinamool Congress. He has made Trinamool the only place for leaders who are angry and disappointed with the Congress.

Keep in mind that this is also not a new endeavor. In the past too, leaders had brainstormed a lot on this idea. The only difference is that this time Prashant Kishor is implementing this idea with the support of Mamata Banerjee. Earlier many Congress leaders, In which Kapil Sibal was the main, Thought on this idea. At that time this effort was being made from Delhi and it was being said that some old Congress leaders are trying to bring together all the leaders who left the party and form a separate party by the name of Apni Congress or Sabki Congress. But that effort did not come to fruition.

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Now Mamta Banerjee and Prashant Kishor are taking forward the same work. In the first phase, they are bringing together angry and disappointed leaders from the Congress. He got Sushmita Deb in Assam and Luizinho Flerio in Goa to join the Trinamool Congress and sent it to the Rajya Sabha. After this, leaders of Uttar Pradesh Rajesh Pati Tripathi and Lalitesh Pati Tripathi were inducted and then Ashok Tanwar and Kirti Azad were inducted in Delhi. In the next few days, some more Congress leaders will join the Trinamool. Along with these leaders or intellectuals of other parties will also be included like Pavan Varma., Yashwant Sinha etc.

In the second phase, there will be talks with the leaders who have left the Congress and formed a separate party. Although no leader will merge his party with Trinamool, there can be electoral coordination. This will be done to create perception and give the message of pan-India politics. Prashant Kishor’s effort is to make 50-60 such people contest outside West Bengal, He is a great leader in his own right. The party will give them all the resources and the I-PAC team will do the election management work for them. Mamta’s politics will become huge if she gets the Trinamool to win 15-20 seats outside Bengal.

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