Veronica Vanij and Ashmit Patel having fun in the chilly winter of Haridwar?

-Sulena Majumdar Arora

People were shocked to see Veronica Vaniz and Ashmit Patel together in the chilly plains of Haridwar but then it came to know that both of them are shooting for their upcoming film ‘Dreamy Singh’ in the chilly winter there and both also have fun times. are spending together. This film has been in the news for a long time and a lot of hot things are being said about it. The preparations for this shoot were going on for a long time and the movements on the sets suggest that they are engaged in some deep work.

We called Veronica and asked about the shooting of Haridwar, she has a say. When the story of this film was narrated to me, I loved it. It’s a tumultuous tale of fun to melancholy and nostalgic emotions. I have always been saying that the magic of a film lies in the writing and hence I said yes as soon as I heard the story. Right now we are shooting at very low temperatures.

It is a wonderful winter here, but I love the winters of Uttar Pradesh. Haridwar is a lovely place and it is almost as if I am also a part of it. We are all enjoying a lot of fun and enjoyment along with shooting. The crew members of our film are simply amazing and we are all living together like a close family here. I am thanking God so much for the opportunity to work like this on my passion for acting.

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