Virel Video: The video of this girl cutting potatoes has gone viral, people said…( Watch Video)

New Delhi. Pakistan girl viral video : Often some such things go viral in social media which is surprising. One such case has come to light from India’s neighboring country Pakistan. Here’s the video of a simple girl making roti cutting potatoes, what caused people to go crazy. First of all, the video of this girl cooking food went viral. After this, now the video of this trick while cutting potatoes has gone viral, after which people have become crazy about the beauty of this girl. This video is going on in social media as if it is a big celebrity.

who is the girl

Pakistan girl viral video : After Pakistan, the video of this girl became increasingly viral in India as well. Seeing the popularity of the video, the Pakistani media searched for the girl and it was found that she lives in Karachi, Sindh province. Its age is only 15 years and the girl’s name is Amina Riaz. The innocent looking girl belongs to a poor family. Overall, it would have been here to live the life of a nomad.

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what did people like

Pakistan girl viral video : After the video went viral, some people are praising the beauty of the girl and some are praising her smile. Ever since the talk of the girl being poor has come to the fore in social media, people are liking this video even more. People say that even in poverty, such a smile is a big deal in itself. At the same time, some people say that without makeup when the girl is looking so beautiful, then with makeup then Masha Allah…

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