Wasim Akram disclosed about fellow player, said he treated me like a servant

Karachi. In a shocking revelation, fast bowler Wasim Akram accused his former Pakistan teammate Salim Malik of treating him like a servant early in his career. Akram, who made his international debut in 1984, said senior teammate Malik got him massages and got him to clean his clothes and shoes.

Akram made this disclosure in his autobiography ‘Sultan: A Memoir’. According to an excerpt from the autobiography, ‘He used to take advantage of my junior. He was negative, selfish and treated me like a servant. He demanded that I massage him, ordered me to clean his clothes and shoes.

Accordingly, I was furious when some young team members like Rameez, Tahir, Mohsin, Shoaib Mohammad invited me to nightclubs. Akram played under Malik’s captaincy from 1992 to 1995 and there were reports that the two players were not on good terms. Malik, however, denied the allegations saying that Akram had written all this to promote his book.

Pakistani media quoted Malik as saying that I was trying to call him but he did not pick up the phone. I would ask him what was the reason for what he wrote. He said that if I was narrow-minded, I would not have given him a chance to bowl. I would ask him why he wrote such things about me.

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