We don’t look at left arm or right arm bowlers, a wicket is a wicket: Rohit

Skipper Rohit Sharma played down the failure of India’s top-order batsmen in the first two ODIs against Australian pacer Mitchell Starc. Starc took three wickets in the first ODI, although could not win the team, but took five wickets in the second ODI on Sunday to give Australia a ten-wicket victory. Rohit said the team management need not worry too much about this as right-arm pacers have troubled the Indian batsmen in the past as well.

He said, “When there is a great bowler in the opposing team, he will take wickets. He will try to get the best players out. Be it a right arm bowler or a left arm bowler, he will take wickets. We don’t think about right arm or left arm, a wicket is a wicket. Falling of wickets is a matter of concern. We will introspect on that.” India had two dashing batsmen in the batting order, Ravindra Jadeja and Akshar Patel, who could have been sent up to face Starc, but Rohit said the ploy could have backfired.

He said, “It could have been done. But if he had got out early after coming up, then something else would have been said. this is what happens. Various things happen when you fail. We try to field the best players to face the challenge. We failed today but it probably won’t happen in Chennai.

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