“We want to train in peace”: The desperate cry of soccer players to be able to carry out their training sessions in the Yacyretá neighborhood of Posadas

At a time when drugs abound among youth, the unusual case of the Yacyretá de Posadas neighborhood surprises parents and young missionary talents. It is that, according to what they stated, the president of the neighborhood does not allow them to train in peace on the field owned by farm 110 on the corner of Blas Parera and Zapiola avenues and usually denounces them by summoning Misiones Police patrols.

For three years now, Los Guerreros de Garupá FC, subsidiary Posadas, has been training on the field in the Yacyretá neighborhood with children from the area, but after the renewal of authorities in the neighborhood Commission, they have begun to have problems and the athletes are intimidated by the police presence. .

Although the parents and the coaches do not know the reason for the neighborhood president’s rejection of the athletes, the truth is that since the beginning of the year they have been intimidated with letters and the presence of uniformed men on repeated occasions.

Sport heals and gets kids off drugs, however, in the Yacyretá neighborhood there is no support for the initiative of a humble club that looks for talent in Misiones and when it had to leave the Province to compete, it obtained good results.

It is worth mentioning that the field where the children of the 2010 and 2014 category train is the well-known Yacyretá field, where previous years neighborhood championships were held that ended with police intervention due to the disturbances of the largest.

However, here the issue is totally different: children want to train without pressure and with the security of being calm focused on training. The field where they train is forbidden to hold championships but they only want to adjust soccer details. “We want to practice in peace”, was the euphoric cry of the future cracks.

They have been training for three years, always on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Currently there are more than 30 boys running after a ball.

According to what coach Carlos reported espindola, they have a permit granted by the Municipality of Posadas to train in the facilities. He even revealed that they have managed to get artificial lights so that the players do not train in the sun.

“There were elections in the neighborhood, who lost who gave us permission to train and a lady entered. We arrived last Monday to train and the president told us that she was not going to allow us to continue training, that she was going to set up a little soccer school of her own. He told us that he would give us a week to look for a place,” he said in anguish.

Meanwhile, they paid no attention and continued training despite the threat of the president of the neighborhood. “If they bring an order from the Municipality or the EBY, we leave, there is no problem,” he said.

“It is unfair that they call a patrol car while the boys are training, children should never be intimidated by the Police,” he insisted.

“For me, the lady is bad, because we ask her for an explanation of why and she does not know how to tell us. She doesn’t do anything on the court, we put on the light”, said Jesica, one of the mothers who was summoned this Tuesday.

“We are from the neighborhood, why can’t we occupy the public place for the boys, it’s not for the championship, it’s just training,” Jessica Garcete commented.

training sessions in the Yacyretá neighborhood of Posadas

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