Yogi’s shoulder and Modi’s takeover!

Not even a drop and only foam! Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the sun rise by staying in Lucknow for two days. Putting his hand on the shoulder of the yogi, with a photo of himself, made such an attack as if he was the savior of the yogi. Meaning Yogi had annihilated but now he has put his hand on his shoulder, then all is well. And the naive yogi rhymed in the flight of thoughts that the sun has to rise! To go higher than the sky! Yogi Adityanath Narendra Modi

Oops! the sun will rise, they will rise above the sky, I believe the entire photoshoot was in the idea of ​​Narendra Modi’s strategic team. Modi himself not only called Yogi and got him photoshoot done by putting his hand on his shoulder., Rather issue the photo to the agency, And by giving poetry to Yogi and getting him to tweet, he made a sponsored foam so that the devotees of UP returned faith in Hindu votes. At the same time Yogi also started flying in the sky. The question is why the Yogi needs to fly in the sky., Because Modi-Shah has made an intention not to make fat Yogi as the next Chief Minister. This work will be easy when the tickets of Yogi’s devotees are cut before the elections. It is nonsense that Amit Shah is out of the latest photo of Modi-Yogi or Yogi is the successor of the future Prime Minister or Narendra Modi!

Yes, Take note of my assessment that both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have a huge bitter experience of the past four years with Yogi Adityanath. Had it not been for Narendra Modi, Anandiben Patel of Gujarat would not have been seated in the Raj Bhavan. From the time of Gujarat, he would not have tried to get his special officer AK Sharma out of his job and make him sit in the government in Lucknow. It is not a thing of the past and every political expert in Lucknow knows what attitude Yogi Adityanath showed towards AK Sharma and how Narendra Modi and Amit Shah had to take sips of blood.

Meaning that in the last five years, the experience of Modi-Shah with Yogi Adityanath has not happened with any other Chief Minister and BJP leader. the posters, billboards, In the advertisements, photos of Yogi in the same size as Narendra Modi were automatically giving the message that Yogi is proud of his personality. they are more popular, Greater pan-India popularity and a true saffron-clad superhero of Hindutva.

Yogi’s muggle, Whatever the ego may say, but it believes that Yogi Adityanath has made a Muslim, Mukhtar Ansari, Keeping Atiq Ahmed etc. in constant focus, the rule which has been ruled by the alleged mafia in his rule was not minor. Yogi did open communal politics. There is no localization of chair-post like Narendra Modi-Amit Shah. Then why shouldn’t they consider themselves to be great Hindu leaders?, Not Narendra Modi, Rather he is a genuine Hindu leader! As a star campaigner of BJP across the country, he is in high demand among the candidates and workers. Whether it is Assam or West Bengal or Kerala Yogi’s devotees everywhere, then what other leader means in front of him in Uttar Pradesh?, no caste, Neither Brahmin means nor OBC leaders mean. Yogi Adityanath is the only face to organize Hindus above castes. Whether it is the construction of Ram Mandir or the work of paying attention to Kashi Vishwanath Corridor or all religious centers, then Yogi is a big leader or Narendra Modi or Amit Shah.,

If we consider it neutrally, then the number one ruling leader of BJP’s core saffron Hindu politics, if anyone, is the face of Yogi Adityanath today. Yogi has not done such a thing in four and a half years., Due to which the fundamentalist Hindu sentiment has been injured. While there are innumerable such works of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister., Which angered Hindu voters, Wounded and crying. If Narendra Modi has to take a decision to abolish three agricultural laws, then that is also a proof., This shows the unpopularity of the Modi government. Then the farmers get angry, Narendra Modi and his leadership are now the number one liability for the BJP in all things like inflation and unemployment and economic misery. That’s why Yogi’s Chief Ministership in UP is not the reason for BJP’s unpopularity., Rather, the prime ministership of Narendra Modi is the responsible reason.

This reality was evident from the recent by-elections and will be seen in the upcoming elections as well. people central government, Voting against BJP due to the problems of Narendra Modi’s customs and policies. The antiincumbency factor of the BJP Chief Ministers of Uttarakhand and the state government will not be working as much., As inflation was created due to the Modi government at the Center, There will be unemployment and farmers’ displeasure.

This was understood by Yogi and his strategists. That’s why Yogi did not give priority to Modi-Shah’s UP concern for the last six months. The cabinet reshuffle was not done as per his wish. they travel alone, The elections were in preparation, laying the seeds of meetings and Hindu-Muslim politics.

It was in this experience that Modi-Shah first created a ruckus among the state leaders. Yogi walks alone, By making a ruckus of arbitrariness, stir up the pressure of OBC leaders. Had a meeting. Meaning that all is not well in UP, the Chief Minister was asked to respect and respect leaders like Keshav Prasad Maurya. Whereas the reality is that just as Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not give importance to his MPs and has molded the BJP in the tendency of least interference of public representatives in the administration, Yogi Adityanath kept MLAs-Ministers in power. Didn’t care about them. Everything driven by CMO.

Because of that, the governance of Yogi is really a true copy of Prime Minister Modi. But this also hurt Narendra Modi and Amit Shah because Yogi asked them, They did not rule out their intentions (like other BJP CMs do). Yogi did not even give Modi-Shah a chance to think that the BJP’s air in the state has deteriorated due to the rule of Lucknow, so we have to take care of it. In other words, like in Gujarat or Uttarakhand, the Modi-Shah assessment took place., Yogi did not allow such a decision to be made. On the contrary, in Yogi’s mood, the MLAs understood that the decision of their ticket should not be in Yogi’s wish. Then the MLAs pressed and pleaded against Yogi in the high command. will lose the election, Modi and Shah were intimidated so badly by the noise of ‘Dooj Jayenge’ that Modi had to take the decision to withdraw the Agriculture Act.

however, The return of the farmer law has created psychological pressure on Yogi Adityanath that Modi-Shah-Nadda, Rajnath Singh and the party-union are all very concerned about UP, so if the high command is taking command of the elections., If Narendra Modi is placing his hand on his shoulder then it is good and maybe it is possible to fly higher than amber., Modi should make him the next prime minister!

They believe that after winning the reverse elections, Modi-Shah and MLA will not make Yogi Adityanath the Chief Minister. It is not impossible that in the ground reality, tickets of BJP MLAs were cut in bulk and Amit Shah in its strategy, Rajnath Singh, JP Nadda will make such a list of candidates on the basis of regional assessment, In which the tickets of Yogi’s supporters will be automatically cut and the candidature of opponents will be more. Because Modi has laid his hands on Yogi’s shoulders, Yogi will leave the strategy of deciding candidates on the basis of his likes and dislikes. s / o, Remember the Yogi-BJP politics that took place in UP in the last six months and think how beautifully Modi-Shah has surrounded Yogi in the Chakravyuh.

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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