20 years after its production, the iPod changed the history of music players

Apple has radically changed the look of its music player products with the iPod, which has a long history since it was first introduced twenty years ago.

The iPod topped the list of the best multimedia devices, from how it appeared on October 23, 2001, to the sheer number of models the company has been working on for two decades.

According to 9to5mac, the original iPod was Apple’s first handheld consumer electronics device after Steve Jobs returned to the company and revolutionized nearly every major industry around the world.

From town hall to world stage

On October 23, 2001, the then-President of Apple, “Steve Jobs” came out to the City Hall Theater at 4 Infinite Loop in Cupertino and presented the world’s first iPod, a major change from the company that was famous for making large and colorful computers.

At that time, this device provided an excellent user experience for playing and listening to music, and the iPod played a major role in linking technology with music that eliminated the old tools in the field of music at the time.

The first few years of the iPod were a bit slow, as the device came at a hefty $399 price tag and was only used to play music, and the device became popular once it became compatible with Windows.

Apple added the ability to sync an iPod, with a Windows computer through their second-generation iPod model, and a year later they introduced iTunes for Windows to simplify the experience.

Later, the company shipped several different iPod models over the course of twenty years, the first of which was the original white iPod, which was later renamed the iPod Classic 7 in different generations.

After the launch of the fourth-generation iPod, the company created a new product line that ended up being short-lived: the iPod Photo, which was the first iPod to launch with a color screen, and along with the iPod Photo, Apple also introduced the first U2 iPod that was improved over the years with the development iPod.

In the same year 2004, the company unveiled the first color iPod called the iPod mini. The iPod mini was the first iPod to feature an anodized aluminum finish from Apple and was also the first product to come in gold.

During 2005, the company made other products with the iPod shuffle, as Apple democratized the product line and made it more accessible, for just $100, anyone could get an iPod that works with iTunes. 

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The iPod shuffle was also the company’s first wearable device, with lots of accessories like straps, sports bags, and even special types of headphones, and in 2005 the iconic iPod nano replaced the iPod mini. 

The 5th generation iPod nano had a video camera and a unique polished finish. The 6th generation iPod nano was actually a predecessor to the Apple Watch and featured a small square design with a touch screen. When Apple started working on the Apple Watch, they brought back the iPod nano The iPod shuffle and iPod nano were both discontinued in 2017, and iPods have largely disappeared in recent years until the company discontinued production.


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