80’s dream girl giving re-entry after 30 years .. How is the teaser?

It is not uncommon for actresses to leave the cinema after marriage and return to acting after a hiatus. So many actresses have made a re-entry in Kollywood. Currently there is a new actress in that line.

Amala is an actress who rose to fame in Kollywood in the 80s and 90s. When she emerged as a top actress in South Indian cinema, she fell in love with the famous actor Nagarjuna and settled in the country. In this situation, he has given a re-entry in Tamil cinema again.

Amala has made her re-entry with the film ‘Kanam’ directed by Srikarthi. The teaser of the film, which has been made in Tamil and Telugu, has been released recently. The film stars Sarvanand, Amala, Satish, Ramesh Tilak among others. The final stages of the film are currently in full swing.

Moment film has evolved into a time machine film combining Thai affection and science. Fans will get a sense of their mother when they see Amala playing a very emotional character almost 25 years later. The film is said to have evolved to that extent.

Also, Moment is the story of a young man who tries to win the love of his dead mother through Time Travel. Actor Sarvanand as the hero has revealed his realistic acting. Surely the film is expected to be an emotional hit in the minds of the fans.

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