A view of Kashmir was seen in Rajasthan, a sheet of snow lying in the fields, the new year will be welcomed by the cold wave

Jaipur | Rajasthan Weather Update: The effect of snowfall on the mountains is visible all over the country. Due to which the temperature continues to drop. But in desert Rajasthan, its effect is being seen in a different way. Many areas of Rajasthan have become colder than Jammu and Kashmir. Here the snow may not have fallen from the sky like cotton, but the snow has taken a solid form and has rained in the form of hail. After which a sheet of snow has been laid in the fields and the temperature has come down rapidly. Hail fell heavily in Jaisalmer on Tuesday in the midst of the Maavath phase that has been going on for two days in the state.

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Kashmir view in the fields
Rajasthan Weather Update: Due to the effect of Western Disturbance, light rain is going on in many districts of Rajasthan for two days, but in Jaisalmer, the land of Dhore, the hailstone was spread in such a way that the view of Kashmir came to the fore. A sheet of white snow was visible all around. After which the night of Jaisalmer became the coldest. Hail fell heavily in Jaisalmer’s Pokaran, Chandhan and sticks. This hailstorm has also caused heavy losses to the farmers. The standing crops were spread in the fields.

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welcome new year with cold wave
According to the Meteorological Department, from Wednesday, the effect of western disturbances will end on the state and as soon as the weather clears, the temperature will drop by three to four degrees and there will be dense fog. From December 31 to January 1, there will be a severe cold wave in Rajasthan. Due to which people will feel the chilly winter in the new year. There will also be a drop in the day temperature and the new year will be welcomed with cold wave.

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