Adele: Who is your new song “Easy on Me” really about?

After a long six years, Adele is back in the musical spotlight. Her new song “ Easy on Me ” not only inspires her fans. But who is your new song really about ?

Her fans are currently discussing this on social media …

3 fan theories about who Adele’s new song is about

1. It’s about your son

If you look at the lyrics to Adele’s “Easy on Me”, it could be about the divorce from ex-husband Konecki. But fans assume that the song is addressed to their son and contains a message for him. The second verse of the song says:

“There is no room for change – when we’re both so deep in our habits. You can’t deny how hard I’ve tried I’ve changed to put you two first. But now I’m giving up. “

So it sounds as if by “both of you” she meant her son Angelo, whom she told about her relationship with his father and the reasons that led her to divorce him. Fans are convinced that the entire song is a conversation between Adele’s son and her about the separation from his father. If that’s true, we think it’s an amazingly beautiful idea.

2. It’s about her ex-husband

It is already very obvious that Adele is trying to address the separation and divorce from her husband here. Divorce is never easy to come to terms with. And how should a musician do otherwise than to process her grief in one of her songs? In the lyrics, there is, among other reasons, that she was very young when she decided to marry and settle down. In the course of time, however, she would have noticed how unhappy she actually was and wished to put herself first again.

“I had good intentions and the highest hopes. But now I know that they may never be visible. “

She went into her marriage with high hopes, but ultimately never found the happiness she had hoped for.

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3. It’s about yourself

But other fans believe that she is talking to herself in the song. She tries to be particularly understanding and gentle to herself and her past “I”. In doing so, she would like to formulate her personal reasons for her decision again clearly and clearly and to bring them to mind.

But at the end of the day, she wants to forgive herself for her mistakes and decisions, and show that it’s okay to make mistakes and not be ashamed of them. After all, it’s human.

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