This will be the entrance of the fans to the Monumental

Again the doors of the house of the Biggest reopen for River fans, it will be in the match against San Lorenzo but it will not be for all those who have Your Place at the Monumental.

The National Government decided that the public return to the stadiums from October since the number of Covid-19 infections and the occupation of intensive care beds dropped considerably. But it must be clarified that at the moment a 50% capacity is allowed so that only 36 thousand fans can attend the Monumental since the capacity of the largest stadium in the country is for 72 thousand spectators. On October 3, River received Boca in Núñez and the allowed capacity was exceeded.

Consequently, the club chose to assemble five gatherings – from A to E-and that the City’s Quiniela chooses which individuals with Your Place in the Monumental and the day-by-day charge can go to the field. Each gathering had two numbers, A, 0 and 1, B, 2 and 3, etc until arriving at 9. As there are 20% of individuals with Tu Lugar en el Monumental and the day-by-day expense in each gathering, The choice was that in the Quiniela de la Ciudad around evening time on Thursday, figure out which game each gathering will miss. As 9550 came out, those of gathering A can not conflict with San Lorenzo yet they will actually want to go to the following matches, those of B can not go to the duel against Argentinos, those of C against the Board, those of D against Racing and those of E against Defense and Justice.

What do the partners who can go against San Lorenzo have to bring?

River faces the Cyclone this Sunday starting at 8.15 pm at the Monumental and 36 thousand spectators will be able to cheer on the Doll team from the stands. What you have to bring is the Unique Card, also known as River ID. It will be important to arrive with time in advance since they will also request to have at least one vaccine against Covid-19, said certificate is processed on the website It should be noted that those partners who attend with their River ID and are not authorized to go against San Lorenzo may be sanctioned.

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More controls and the situation of the lifetime

Again, as happened against Boca, there will be two turnstiles to control that the fans that are in the vicinity are effectively those who are authorized to compete against San Lorenzo, with this it is about avoiding the entry of fans who do not have a ticket and then are the ones that make the allowed capacity is exceeded. On the other hand, life members who have signed up for the week on the River ID site will be able to attend the entire match against the Cyclone.

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