Ajay Devgan is repeating the same mistake again and again, due to which he is losing crores. see

Is Ajay Devgan’s passion to become a director so much that he knows that the track record of his direction in the past has been a super flop, despite that Ajay Devgan repeatedly directs the film and sets crores of rupees on fire. The gathering actor is brilliant, he competes with no one and the way he acts with his eyes, there is such power in very few actors, but Ajay Devgan cannot become a director, it has been proved time and again. Ajay Devgan made Raju Chacha film in U and Hum made film Ajay Devgan made Shivaay which was the biggest film in it VFX and which was shooting and then runway film also proved to be a flop. Despite this, this film has not been able to prove even 25 crores, this film was made with a budget of 80 crores. All this proves that Ajay Devgan is a flop director and the actor is very good.

Ajay Devgan has a hit formula in some films and Ajay De Singham is very much liked by the people of Ajay Devgan’s Golmaal and the director of both these films is Rohit Shetty. Rohit Shetty considers Ajay Devgan as his mentor and his brother, despite that why Ajay Devgan has distanced himself from Rohit Shetty. . But for some time now Ajay Devgan has kept distance from Rohit Shetty, Rohit first made Simbha film with Ranbir Singh then made Sooryavanshi film with Akshay Kumar and now the upcoming series has stars like Shilpa Shetty and Vivek Oberoi. . In such a situation, Ajay Devgan is seen only doing a small role in Rohit Shetty’s film, but he should do the whole film.

Ajay Devgan has given the biggest hits of his career by working in Rohit Shetty’s films or Ajay Devgan should also do films like Tanaji, in which Ajay Devgan’s work was liked and the story was also liked but Ajay Devgan Made the same mistake once again after making a runway mistake. Now they are making the mistake of making De De Pyaar De a sequel.

Shivam Bangwal

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