Munawar Faruqui lifts Lock Upp trophy, rewarded foreign trip with 20 lakh cash prize

India’s most successful OTT reality show Lock Up has got its first Badass champion. Munawar Faruqui has won the lock-up trophy after defeating all the prisoners. With this, the journey of 71 days of atrocious game on celebrities in Kangana Ranaut’s lock-up has come to an end.

Munawwar Farooqui


  • Kangana Ranaut is the host of Lock Up
  • The first season of the show became a huge hit
  • Will Munawar Faruqui be able to defeat Prince Narula?
  • Fans like Munavvar and Anjali Arora’s friendship

Lock Upp Grand Finale: India’s most successful OTT reality show Lock Up has got its first Badass champion. Leaving all the prisoners behind, Munawar Faruqui has won the lock-up trophy. He has got 20 lakh cash prize, Ertiga car and fully sponsored trip to Italy in prizes. With this, the journey of this tyrannical game of 71 days has ended.

The first runner up of the show was Payal Rohatgi, the second runner up was Anjali Arora. Azma Fallah and Shivam Sharma had made it to the top-5. Prince Narula was also included in the top-6, but on this occasion, Kangana told that the prince had come to the show to increase the difficulties of the contestants. Trophy was never his motive.

1:10 am(29 min ago)

Munawar Faruqui becomes the winner of lock up

Lock Up has found its winner. Munawar Faruqui has won the trophy of the show’s victory. Payal Rohgathi was at number two and Anjali Arora at number three. A close contest was seen between all the contestants, but Munawar won the victory.

12:41 am(58 minutes ago)

Show got top-3 contestants, Azma-Shivam out

Lock Up has got its top 3 contestants. Munawar Faruqui, Anjali Arora and Payal Rohgathi have made it to the top-3 positions by beating all the contestants. Azma Fallah and Shivam Sharma are out of the show.

12:31 am(One hour ago)

Azma Fallah out of game

Top-5 contestant Azma Fallah is out of the show. She gave a tough competition to everyone, but coming so close to the trophy, she has missed out on winning it.

12:24 am(One hour ago)

Karan Kundrra shows the intimate moments of the contestants

Karan Kundrra gave a funny jolt to the contestants in the show. He made the contestants aware of their moments when they were talking intimate on the show. During this, Munawwar said to Anjali – I have heard that you make 30 second videos, try me, I will last for 30 minutes.

12:02 am(One hour ago)

Karan-Tejashwi did ‘Humma Humma’ in lock up

In lock up, TV’s most popular couple Karan Kundrra and Tejashwi Prakash tied the knot with their romantic dance. He gave an amazing performance on the song ‘Humma Humma’. At the same time, both of them leveled each other’s allegations.

11:51 PM(One hour ago)

Shivam-Sara’s romantic chemistry

Shivam Sharma became a bit emotional after Anjali Arora’s name appeared in the second contestant of Top-3. He said that now he is a little nervous and scared. Kangana gave him courage, after which Shivam and Sara Ali Khan presented their sizzling chemistry on stage.

11:32 PM(2 hours ago)

Prince Narula was not a prisoner of lock up

Kangana Ranaut has made a big disclosure in the finale of Lock Up. Prince Narula, who was like a prisoner in the show till now, was not even a prisoner of the show. Kangana told that Prince has got Balaji’s project. And he had come to the show to get the secrets of the rest of the prisoners in the show and harass them.

11:13 PM(2 hours ago)

Shivam is Divya Dutta’s favorite contestant

Dhakad director Rajneesh Ghai and actress Divya Dutta came to the show. Divya told Shivam as her favorite contestant. Kangana also praised Shivam and said that he looks like a vagabond but is a gentleman.

11:10 pm(2 hours ago)

Kangana sets fire with her dance in lock up

After the performance of the contestants, Kangana Ranaut set fire with her dance in the lock up. He did a tremendous dance on the song of his upcoming film Dhakad. His sizzling performance was really a fire in the BadS finale.

11:06 PM(2 hours ago)

Munawwar jokes on co-contestants

Stand up comedian Munawar Faruqui made everyone laugh with his skills in the finale of Lock Up. He joked on all the contestants one by one. Starting from Poonam Pandey’s rage and beauty to the filters of Payal Rohatgi, Azma Fallah and Anjali. He further joked on Vineet’s tweets after Shivam.

11:01 PM(2 hours ago)

Munawar Faruquicomedy

After watching Munavvar’s dance, Kangana asked him to make people laugh. Kangana kept showing pictures to Munavvar on the screen and he kept giving funny tag lines to all the pictures. After this, Kangana also showed her memes made on the contestants.

10:58 PM(2 hours ago)

Munavvar-Saisha-Anjali’s sizzling dance

After reminiscing once again the love triangle of Munawar Faruqui, Saisha Shinde and Anjali in Lock Up, the trio gave a scintillating performance on the stage. First Munawar’s solo dance was followed by the trio singing ‘It’s the Time to Disco’ But mixed with rhythm.

10:45 PM(2 hours ago)

Lock Up’s plush trophy presented

Kangana Ranaut presented the winner’s trophy of Lock Up. Kangana told that to win this trophy, the contestants will have to make a little more effort. The actress first took feedback about Munawar Faruquii’s game.

10:43 PM(2 hours ago)

Kangna’s fan is her mother

After the performance of the contestants, Kangana Ranaut talked to the contestants one by one. Meanwhile, Ajai’s mother told that she is a big fan of Kangana. She praised the tried-and-tested performance and said that she would be happy whoever wins.

10:38 PM(3 hours ago)

Prince-Shivam and Munavvar’s performance

The grand finale started with the dance performance of Prince Narula, Shivam Sharma and Prince Narula. All three danced on the song Munda Kamal. The fun dance is so entertaining that it is difficult to imagine the entire finale.

10:35 PM(3 hours ago)

Great start to lock up

Kangana Ranaut started the grand finale of Lock Up in her impeccable style. As soon as the finale came, Kangana responded with impunity to the trolls of the show. Kangana also praised the top 6 philistines of the show. This is just the beginning. Let’s see how much more is going to happen on the finale.

10:20 PM(3 hours ago)

Payal dances on Priyanka Chopra’s song

Wait for just a few minutes and then the grand finale of lock up will start. On the grand finale, fans are going to be seen dancing to Priyanka Chopra’s song Desi Girl on Payal Rohatgi. Payal is going to dance with a lot of energy on Desi Girl, seeing her, there will be hardly anyone who will be able to stop herself from dancing.


9:49 PM(3 hours ago)

Who does Karan like more than Tejasswi?

Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra will once again be seen on the grand finale of Lock Up. Tejashwi tells in front of Kangana that Karan loves the phone more than her. Karan says that he only sees Tejashwi on the phone. The tussle between these two is going to make the finale of Lock Up interesting.


9:21 PM(4 hours ago)

Poonam Pandey dance on Param Sundari

Poonam Pandey is going to dance on the song Param Sundari on the grand finale of Lock Up. Poonam not only did a great dance on Param Sundari, but also gave amazing expressions. Seeing Poonam Pandey’s dance, the heartbeat of many people is bound to increase.


8:59 PM(4 hours ago)

Whom will Kangana Ranaut make the winner?

Posted by :- Akanksha Tiwari

A big twist is about to come in the grand finale of Lock Up. More than 18 lakh people have voted for the lock up grand finale. But the winner of the show will not be decided by the vote of the public, but by Queen Kangana Ranaut. Now let’s see who Kangana chooses to win the lock up.


8:32 PM(5 hours ago)

Kangana-Divya dance together

On the grand finale of Lock Up, Kangana Ranaut will be seen promoting her film Dhaakad and her latest release song ‘She is on Fire’. Along with Kangana, Divya Dutta is also going to set the stage on fire by dancing on ‘She is on fire’. In which the rest of the contestants of the show will be seen supporting both the actresses.


8:24 PM(5 hours ago)

Anjali Arora’s stellar performance on the grand finale

In the grand finale of Lock Up, social media sensation Anjali Arora is going to rock with her dance performance. On the grand finale, Anjali will be seen dancing her steps on DJ Wale Babu Song. Seeing Anjali’s performance, the eagerness to watch the grand finale has increased.


7:52 PM(5 hours ago)

Divya Dutta calls Shivam Sharma badass

Divya Dutta is also going to be seen in the grand finale of Lock Up. On Kangana Ranaut’s show, Divya has called Shivam Sharma a badass. Hearing his praise from Divya’s mouth, Shivam also said a poem in praise of her. Whoever is the winner of the show, but the winner of poetry is Shivam.


7:11 pm(6 hours ago)

Girls gang of lock up did wonders with dance

How great is the grand finale of Lock Up going to be? You can guess this from the scintillating dance of Payal Rohatgi, Anjali Arora and Ajma Fallah. On the night of the grand finale, all the three beauties of Lock Up are going to entertain the fans with their dance moves on the song Paar Rivers. Waiting for just a few hours will again be the grand opening of the grand finale of lock up.


7:00 PM(6 hours ago)

Look Reveal of Lock Up’s Trophy

How the trophy of lock up will be, now the curtain has been removed from it. A new promo of Kangana’s show has surfaced, in which Queen Kangana Ranaut told how the gleaming trophy of the first season of Lockup will be. Now just waiting for the person who lifts the trophy. The first winner of Kaun Banega Lock Up… will be revealed in just a few hours.

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