Army Chief said on China border dispute – talks are going on with China, at our level, we are ready from every level…

New Delhi | India China Border Dispute : The ongoing border dispute with China has increased further. Talking in this matter, Indian Army Chief General MM Naravane said on Wednesday that the army’s response to Chinese efforts to unilaterally change the current situation in eastern Ladakh was very strong. He said that the army has maintained the highest level of its operational preparedness even while negotiating with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China. On the border dispute with China in eastern Ladakh, he said that even though the troops have partially retreated, the threat has not diminished in any way.

emergency safety measures

India China Border Dispute : Army Chief General MM Naravane openly spoke on the news going on in the media on the border. He said that we will continue to deal with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China in a firm and strong manner regarding the situation on India’s northern border. Along with this, he said that necessary security measures have been taken to deal with any emergent situation.

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Appropriate action will be taken on firing

India China Border Dispute : The Army Chief said that the work of upgradation and development of infrastructure along the northern borders is being done in a holistic and comprehensive manner. General Naravane said that huge efforts are being made to see what all the dual-use infrastructure are and what they can be used for. At the same time, when asked about the firing incident in Nagaland on December 4, he said that appropriate action will be taken based on the report of the investigation.

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