Big Breaking: PM Modi said telling his CM to come back alive from the airport… (Watch Photos)

New Delhi . PM Modi Security Lapse A big lapse was seen in the security of the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi today. Farmers stopped PM Modi’s convoy on the road while going to address a big rally organized in Ferozepur, Punjab. Officials have told that Prime Minister Modi is very angry with this incident and he has targeted CM Channi for this. PM Modi got angry and said that thanking his CM that I was able to return alive from the airport. According to the information, when PM Modi was returning back to Bathinda airport, he gave this message to the officials. Due to this lapse in security, PM Modi appeared very angry.

Had to start campaigning before Punjab elections.

PM Modi Security Lapse: Punjab Before the assembly elections, PM Modi had reached here to start the campaign. Crowds of people started gathering in Ferozepur since morning, but no one had any idea that PM Modi’s rally would have to be canceled due to some protesters. The Union Home Ministry has also considered it to be very accurate for the security of PM Modi and has demanded a detailed report from the Punjab government.

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PM Modi Security Lapse:

The convoy stopped in the flyover for 15 to 20 minutes

PM Modi Security Lapse: Prime Minister Modi was to visit the National Memorial in Hussainiwala. Due to bad weather, the helicopter could not complete the journey, so they left by road. After which PM Modi’s convoy had to stop for 15 to 20 minutes in a flyover 30 km before the National Martyrs Memorial. For this reason, it is being considered a big lapse in the security of PM Modi. It is natural that now the troubles of Punjab Congress and CM Chennai Singh are going to increase regarding this incident.

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