Budget 2022: What is Halwa ceremony and its importance? Know when it will be organized

New Delhi: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is expected to present the Union Budget 2022 on February 1, 2022. Few days are left for the mega event in the field of economy, preparations for the traditional halwa ceremony will also be underway. ( halwa ceremony )

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What is the Pudding Ceremony?

The unannounced halwa ceremony, which usually takes place a few days before the presentation of the Union Budget, marks the final stage of the budget process. Last year, the ceremony took place on January 23, nine days before the presentation of Budget 2021. The Halwa ceremony takes place at the Union Ministry of Finance Headquarters, North Block, New Delhi. Finance ministers, ministers of state and other top officials working with the finance ministry are usually present during the halwa ceremony. The Halwa ceremony marks the final stage of the budget process. Previously, the traditional ceremony marked the beginning of the printing process of budget documents. But last year, the finance minister launched the Union Budget mobile app on the day of the halwa ceremony, as Budget 2021 went paperless mode for the first time in independent India due to pandemic restrictions. The app provides all the budget related information in a few taps.

What is the significance of the Halwa ceremony?

Halwa ceremony is celebrated to recognize the efforts of all the employees involved in making the budget of the country for the particular year. The Finance Minister serves sweets (halwa) to the officials of the ministry. Everyone directly involved in the budgeting process gets a piece of a dessert usually prepared in a large pot. Traditionally, once the program is over, top officials and staff engaged in the printing and budget-making process must remain in the basement of the Finance Ministry headquarters until the budget is finally presented by the minister.

Not a word about the budget should be made public till the appointed time (halwa ceremony)

Steps have been taken to ensure that not a single word about the budget is made public till the stipulated time. In the time between the halwa ceremony and the budget presentation, all the officers and support staff are cut off from their friends and families. However, some top officials are allowed to leave the place. Last year, employees were not asked to stay back as there was no printing of budget documents due to COVID-19 precautions. ( halwa ceremony )

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