Cardano crypto investors have been joining Bitgert coin for the last few weeks in large numbers.

New and more promising coins in the crypto industry always tend to cause a mass movement of the crypto community. Every investor wants to get the most out of the market, and that’s Cardano crypto investors have been joining Bitgert coin for the last few weeks in large numbers. This is because of the great potential that Bitgert has, especially in utilities. Other cryptocurrencies on this list have also been bullish for the last few days. Read more below how these cryptocurrencies are performing:



Bitgert has been experiencing a fast surge in its community numbers. Over the last few days, the Bitgert team reported an increasing number of members from other cryptocurrencies, like Cardano. This is after the team announced the utilities that are launching in 2022. The coming Bitgert CEX in Q1 and the gasless blockchain testnet development are two major factors attracting the crypto community. This is why Bitgert has been and is still bullish at the time of this writing. Bitgert is still one of the cryptocurrencies is the industry that has great potential.



With the utility issue increasingly becoming a factor in crypto investments, the Centcex project has come at the right time in the industry. Imagine a cryptocurrency ecosystem that has an unlimited number of products. That’s the kind of utility that Centcex is offering the crypto community. The Centcex team plans to produce crypto applications, and currently, the centralized exchange is being developed. With tens or hundreds of products and 100% APY staking reward, Centcex stands out as one of the best investments today. It is this massive potential that the Centcex project has that attracts more crypto investors.



Though Cardano crypto investors are joining Bitgert, this is still one of the top-ranked cryptocurrencies of 2022. In the current bull market, Cardano has been one of the best performers in the market. The Cardano price today has increased by 6% for the last 24 hours, while 16% in the past week. That’s how bullish the cryptocurrency has been over the last few days. With the planned scaling protocol upgrade, Cardano might be one of the best performers going forward. The Cardano Hydra protocol upgrade might be launching soon, and this will have a huge impact on the machine.



Of all the cryptocurrencies in the market today, Solana has been one of the best-ranked performers. With a 29% increase over the last seven days and still in green with a 2% growth in the past 24 hours, Solana has proven to be one of the most bullish coins in the market. The growing Solana utilities are one of the reasons why this cryptocurrency is doing very well. Important to note that Solana Pay just launched the other day. The Solana Riptide Hackathon is another development that could be driving this growth, apart got the bull market.



It is without a doubt that the current bull market has brought out the best Matic performance in 2022. This is the first bullish growth that Matic has experienced in a very long time. As of this writing, Matic has posted a 13% jump over the last week and a superb 4% in the past 24 hours. With the expected bull market, Matic is expected to post even better performance in the coming. Polygon is still growing larger with more developers joining, which will make Matic stronger. Therefore, this is a coin that might do well even in a bear market.



On the Coinmarketcap charts, Avalanche has been bullish for the last week. The charts show that Avalanche has increased by 25% in just one week, which the growth in 24 hours has been 6%. This is one of the most bullish coins and ranks among the top performers this week. Avalanche is still the fastest smart contract, which is one of the reasons the token value has been rising. With the increasing number of web3, DeFi, and other projects developers on Avalanche, the cryptocurrency will continue to surge. Therefore, Avalanche is a cryptocurrency worth watching.



Closing the list of cryptocurrencies that have remained bullish for the last few days is Litecoin. This is one of the cryptocurrencies that increased by over 20% in the last few days. In just one week, Litecoin has posted a 20.89%. In just 24 hours of this writing, Litecoin had increased by 2%, which is impressive in a more stable crypto market. Litecoin MimbleWimble (MWEB) upgrade is also driving the bullish growth that LTC has been experiencing. With the number of stores and influential individuals accepting Litecoin growing fast, LTC will be a crypto coin to watch.

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