China did unique quarantine of countrymen, forced to live in tight metal boxes under strict zero covid policy

Beijing: The corona epidemic has once again changed its form and has come once again with a new look. Corona cases do not seem to stop. In such a situation, they quarantine themselves to protect themselves, but a unique way of quarantine has been seen in China. According to the information of Daily Mail, China is trying to control the Kovid-19 epidemic with an iron fist through its zero covid policy. And as part of that policy, people are being forced to live in tight metal boxes and isolate those who come in contact with COVID-19 patients. As Beijing prepares to host the Winter Olympics next month, the scrutiny is coming under strict scrutiny in a country that already has stringent measures in place to contain the spread of COVID-19. Multiple videos posted on social media who talk about the situation in Xi’an, Anyang and Yuzhou, where people have been quarantined after some cases of Omicron were reported. The news coming in the media is based on these videos. ( china quarantine )

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Ending the Outbreak Before the Winter Olympics

And China is fearless in its effort to investigate Kovid. As the Daily Mail reports, be it pregnant women, children or the elderly, people are forced to live in cramped boxes even if a single person tests positive in their locality. According to the same report, these boxes are fitted with wooden beds and toilets, and people may have to stay in these confined spaces for up to two weeks. Often people are told after midnight that they have to immediately go to the quarantine centers, and step out of their homes. These measures are aimed at ending the outbreak ahead of the Lunar New Year and next month’s Winter Olympics in China.

China’s tyranny

China’s strict rules have often been criticized. Recently, a pregnant woman lost her baby after she was denied admission in Xi’an Hospital due to the coronavirus lockdown restrictions. The reason he was denied admission was because his Covid negative test result was four hours old. Then in Xi’an there have been reports of a man dying of a heart attack after the hospital refused to admit him. He was experiencing chest pain because he lived in a moderate-risk district.

Zero-covid strategy (china quarantine)

Countries that closed their borders early. After initial reports of a new pandemic emerged from China in January 2020, they were able to implement zero-Covid strategies and keep the death rate low. Effective border quarantines were the easiest for island nations. But countries with strong central political control, such as China, were also able to implement this strategy. If COVID cases and deaths are the only measure of success, China is at the top because of its ability to control personal life and public behavior, and its ability to rapidly transition to a vaccine-led strategy. ( china quarantine )

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