Christian Eriksen revealed that he was dead for five minutes and explained what his great goal for the future is

Christian Eriksen, who starred in one of the impacts of the last European Championship by suffering a cardiac arrest in the middle of the game, gave a long interview this week in which he recalled what happened to him and hoped for the future to return to play professionally, despite to not have a contract with any club at present.

“I want to play soccer. There is no reason not to do it ”, declared the talented midfielder in an interview that will be broadcast in its entirety in the coming days by the public broadcaster DR. “My goal is to play the World Cup in Qatar. I can come back… later I need to be called up ”, added the 29-year-old footballer, who in December broke his contract with Inter Milan by mutual agreement by not accepting the Italian authorities that a professional footballer could play with a pacemaker.

“(The doctors) tell me I’m fine. They say everything is OK. That everything is stabilized, so I have the impression that I have the green light to be able to play football again, “he said excitedly. When asked if he has any kind of fear, he was blunt: “In no way, not even remotely. At first, I was careful thinking about how much my heart could hold after what happened. But now I feel like they have done as many tests as possible, so no, I have no fear that it might happen again. “

The player who also stood out at Tottenham was grateful for the expressions of affection received in these months: “It’s not that I wanted people to send me flowers because I was dead for five minutes. But it was very special. It was so nice, and it has helped me so many good wishes that have come to me in this time. Even now there are people who keep writing to me ”. In this sense, he reiterated his gratitude to his colleagues and the doctors for being “very fast” in giving him first aid on the grass before being revived.

”People saw it and cried in their classrooms or wherever they saw it, and they lived it fully. In spite of everything, I am fortunate to be here today and show them that ‘thanks for the tears, but that I am still here,’ he said.

Eriksen, 29, collapsed on June 12 in Copenhagen during the Euro Cup match against Finland. The soccer player spent several days in the hospital and the doctors implanted a pacemaker. The case caused a great commotion in Denmark, where he is an idol, and within the Danish team itself, which recovered from what happened and reached the semifinals of the tournament.

Recently, Eriksen has started training at the facilities of Odense, the club of his childhood, both physically and with the ball, although club sources told the Danish newspaper BT that the footballer is not training with the professional team.

SOURCE: Infobae.

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