Congress is losing advantage in Punjab

The Congress party had run a master stroke in Punjab. Captain Amarinder Singh was removed and Charanjit Singh Channi was made the Chief Minister. Congress had played its trump card by becoming the first Dalit Chief Minister of the state. This gave the Congress a huge advantage over the rest of the parties. The Akali Dal had made a gamble to win Dalit votes by aligning with the Bahujan Samaj Party and the Aam Aadmi Party had laid its board for the Dalit vote by announcing the appointment of the Dalit Deputy Chief Minister. In the meantime, Congress became the Dalit Chief Minister but turned the whole chessboard. But since then the Congress itself has been trying to fail its bet. Congress losing advantage Punjab

The Dalit vote has the strongest arithmetic in the social equation from Punjab and this group has the highest aspiration for power. close to the state 34 Percentage of the population belongs to the Dalit community and the feeling of social and political supremacy in this community has become very strong in the recent past. But since all the parties 16 The Jats, which constitute a percentage of the population, are headed by the Sikh community, so Dalits lag behind in political participation, despite the social upsurge. Congress gave a big message by making Dalit Chief Minister, Which he can get a big advantage in the next election.

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But Congress leaders are saying that the next election is not in the name of Chief Minister Channi., Rather, we will fight in the name of Congress and the Chief Minister will be decided by the MLAs after the elections. It simply means that if the Congress wins the election, Channi will not be the Chief Minister. Because during his Chief Minister, if the dominant population of the state, especially the Jat Sikh and Jat community leaders are not allowing his name to be announced, then how will they allow him to become the Chief Minister after the elections. It will not be very difficult for Dalit voters to understand this. Keep in mind State President Navjot Singh Sidhu, State Deputy Chief Minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa and election campaign committee chairman Sunil Jakhar have put pressure on the Congress high command to project Channi as the CM face.

If Congress doesn’t project Channi as CM face then it will be a big mistake. Today the leaders who are putting pressure on the high command do not have the status of five per cent votes. Jat Sikh population 16 percent is, Whose vote traditionally goes to the Akali Dal and the remaining radical-minded vote is going to the Aam Aadmi Party from the last two elections. This time the captain is a separate contender for this vote. s / o, Sidhu, If Randhawa and Jakhar get even five percent of this vote to the Congress, it will be a big deal. But if the Congress fights by declaring Channi as the Chief Minister, the majority of Dalit votes will be guaranteed. Hindu upper caste and OBC votes will also join them.

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