Corona beyond one lakh!

New Delhi. On Thursday, the number of corona virus patients found across the country has crossed the one lakh mark. After seven months, more than one lakh patients have been found in the country within 24 hours. Earlier on June 6, 2021, one lakh 636 patients were found. On January 1, the first day of the new year, 27,553 new cases were found and in just five days its number has quadrupled. Till the writing of the news on Thursday, about one lakh eight thousand new patients were found in the whole country. By late night, this number may increase further as the figures of many states were not updated till the time of writing the news.

The speed of corona infection in the capital Delhi has almost tripled in three days. On January 4, 5,481 cases were found in Delhi and on Thursday, January 6, 15,097 cases were found. On Thursday, six infected people died in Delhi. A day earlier on Wednesday, eight people had died. Earlier, in the entire month of December, only nine people had died due to corona infection in Delhi. The infection rate in Delhi has increased to 15.34 percent.

On Thursday, 20,181 new cases were found in the country’s financial capital Mumbai and four people died. The infection rate in the metropolis has gone up to 29.90 percent. On Thursday, 36,265 new cases were found and 11 people died across Maharashtra. On Wednesday, 26,538 new cases were found in Maharashtra. That is, 10 thousand cases increased in a day. In this way, the rate of increase in daily infection was more than 30 percent.

On the other hand, there has been a record increase in Corona cases in Tamil Nadu. On Thursday, 6,983 new cases were found in the state and 11 people died. A day earlier on Wednesday, 4,862 cases were found in the state, that is, more than two thousand cases have increased in a day. 4,213 new patients have been found in Gujarat, while 3,350 new cases were found a day earlier on Wednesday.

In Karnataka, the number of patients found in 24 hours has exceeded five thousand. On Thursday, 5,031 new cases were found in the state. In the country’s second most infected state, Kel, 4,649 new patients were found and 17 people died. 630 patients were found in Uttarakhand and in Himachal Pradesh also the figure reached close to five hundred. On Thursday, 498 new patients were found in the state. On Thursday, 547 new cases were found in Andhra Pradesh.

Vibrant Gujarat conference postponed

Due to the rapidly increasing cases of corona virus, the annual Vibrant Gujarat conference in Gujarat has been postponed. Many more state governments have canceled their already scheduled programs. After the Congress, the Aam Aadmi Party has also canceled its election rallies. Anyway, AAP’s national convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is corona infected and is in isolation.

However, the Vibrant Gujarat Summit to be held in Gujarat from January 10 to 12 has been postponed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was to inaugurate this summit. In Gujarat, a minister and five IAS officers have also been found corona infected and the number of new cases has gone up to four thousand. On the other hand, in view of the increasing cases of corona, the Chhattisgarh government has banned the cleanliness rally and other public programs to be held in Raipur on January 8 till further orders.

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