Criminal removed to Turkey to confront Ponzi plot charges

ISTANBUL — A Turkish public on the pursue supposedly stealing cash from a huge number of individuals in a Ponzi conspire has been removed to Turkey and kept.

Mehmet Aydin, 30, is thought to have gathered what could be compared to more than $131 million in Turkish lira from more than 130,000 individuals through an online plan called Ciftlik, or Farm Bank, a web based game enlivened by FarmVille where members claimed virtual animals and harvests. Aydin escaped abroad with a portion of that cash.

Official Anadolu news organization said Sunday the arraignment against Aydin included 3,672 complainants and 48 suspects. Investigators are looking for more than 75,000 years in jail on charges including setting up and running an illicit association, extortion and illegal tax avoidance.

Turkey had an Interpol red notification out for Aydin, who handed himself over to experts in Brazil after over three years on the run. He was taken back to Turkey late Saturday and arrested.

The preliminary against the litigants started in 2019. The following hearing with Aydin will happen on Sept. 14.

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