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Can it be that politics and governance should be kept separate?, The organization of parties should do politics and the government should take care of governance and there should be a certain distance between the two., This is the ideal situation. But in India last 75 The fine line between politics and governance has also been erased over the years. Now these two have become one in India. Now policies have been made a tool of politics. no parties, Rather the governments are doing politics. not party president, Rather the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister are doing politics. People at the top of power are attacking the opposition. think, What is the situation that the Prime Minister is a leader of the opposition?, Having met criminals on top of a Chief Minister or a former Chief Minister, Accuse terrorists of being helpful and corrupt but no one takes action, This is a very dangerous situation.

When the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister start doing politics instead of governance, then the Politics of Policy starts i.e. policy issues are also made the subject of politics. Policies start being made from the point of view of politics. Policies are made for political gains or policies are not made or their implementation is prevented or they are implemented in a twisted manner. The withdrawal of three controversial agricultural laws after a year-long protest by farmers is the latest example of the Politics of Policy. Before enacting all the three agricultural laws, the government had not consulted all the parties concerned and did not even take the Parliament into confidence. Despite this, the government was adamant for a year and when the elections to Uttar Pradesh and Punjab came near, it withdrew the law by making an unconditional agreement. However, despite this the government and the ruling party leaders are adamant that the law was good but could not be explained to a few farmers.

Earlier, government and BJP leaders used to say that if the law was withdrawn due to farmers’ protests, a wrong example would be set. Any organization will force the government to make or change the law by mobilizing the crowd. The same government withdrew the law just before the elections saying that the law was good but could not convince a few farmers. Now either the decision to enact the law was wrong or the decision to withdraw it is wrong and the government should accept it. The minority government of PV Narasimha Rao had taken the biggest decisions of economic reform and implemented every decision despite all the opposition. Manmohan Singh had put the government at stake for one of his policy decisions while being the Prime Minister. Left parties in opposition to the nuclear treaty with America 60 The MPs withdrew support to the minority government of the Congress. Despite this, Manmohan Singh did not back down from the decision saying that the decision is right but some parties are not able to understand.

But since then a lot of water has flown in the Ganga-Jamuna. Now policies are being used to form and save the government. Before the elections of five states, it was felt that if the farmers’ agitation continued, there could be loss, so the agriculture law was withdrawn. Before that, if there was no apprehension of any electoral loss due to the amended Citizenship Act i.e. the anti-CAA movement, then the movement was allowed to continue. Keep in mind CAA is also an example of politics of policy. This law was enacted to create a positive impression among the majority Hindu voters. This law provides for grant of citizenship on the basis of religion. But when it felt that this law could cause harm in the assembly elections of Assam, the government stopped its implementation. think, this law 2019 It has been passed by the Parliament but so far the rules implementing this law have not been notified. It is possible that this law will be implemented in the next few days because it can be beneficial in the coming days where elections are to be held.

Along with agricultural laws, the central government had also made labor laws. These laws were opposed by trade unions across the country. Even the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, affiliated to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, opposed it. The government has also stopped the implementation of this law. think, If the government has changed the labor laws for the welfare of the workers or as a part of its commitment to economic reforms, why is it not implementing them?, Does the government feel that it can cause political damage, so it has stopped its implementation, It also calls into question the commitment of the government and another dangerous example of making policies a tool of politics.

Keep in mind that when the functioning of governments and the making of policies starts being guided by politics, then a situation of anarchy can be created. The work of the government and its policy decisions should be guided by the need of the country or the commitment of the government to the development. Unfortunately, this is not happening after the BJP formed the government at the Center with absolute majority for the second time in a row. Most of the government’s decisions seem to be politically guided. After coming to power for the second time, the government ended the special status of Jammu and Kashmir., Partitioned it and made it a Union Territory. but what has changed, That state has been kept away from the democratic process for nearly two and a half years.

if paragraph 370 Consider the removal as an important decision and do not consider its merits, even then the question arises whether the government had any further roadmap before taking this decision or it suddenly took this decision., And if there was a roadmap why it is not being implemented,

The biggest danger of the politics of policies is that the scope for consensus is completely lost in it. Those at the helm of power begin to consider building a consensus as their disgrace. The same is happening in India. Policies being formulated to serve a particular political goal, Which is naturally being opposed everywhere inside and outside the Parliament. This protest is taking place at both the political and ideological level. As the opposition is increasing, so is the isolation of the government. This is not a good sign for democracy and also for the country.

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