Elon Musk responds to Tesla owner’s complaint in 3 minutes, Twitter gets affected

Tesla boss Elon Musk is quite social media savvy and is often seen interacting with netizens on Twitter on various topics. But with his quirks, the billionaire recently demonstrated a knack for good customer support when he responded to a Twitter complaint related to a Tesla Model 3 and even followed it up with a reply of consequence. did. Musk’s reply was highly appreciated as the SpaceX CEO responded to the complaint within exactly 3 minutes after the complainant shared the issue. Many Tesla owners use company apps to access their vehicles without using keys, and having the app down puts owners at a disadvantage in accessing their cars. ( elon musk reply )

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Musk’s spot answer

When Tesla owner Jhan Cho of South Korea tweeted Musk about the issue, Musk replied in 3 minutes, “Checking…after some 5 hours, Musk also came back with an update on the issue and Shared what went wrong with the app. Should be back online now. Musk tweeted that it appears we have accidentally increased the verbosity of network traffic. Sorry, we’ll take measures to make sure this doesn’t happen again. A Twitter user also praised Musk for his quick reply.

Jhan Choe thanks Musk (elon musk reply)

Cho then replied to the Tesla boss with ‘Thank you, Elon’. Well, we will, if the CEO of our car company is quick to personally troubleshoot our vehicle problems! Musk may or may not have personally investigated the error in this case, but it sure does have a good accountability and customer service stories throughout Tesla’s history. ( elon musk reply )

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