Get to know this restaurant where food is served by robots

It is an unusual sight in the northern Iraqi city that has seen and suffered much destruction from war in recent years. But at dinner time patrons of the restaurant that fills up every night can escape the city on a journey through space.

Robot waiters take Iraqis in Mosul into the future |  Africanews
The robots delivering food in the trays that it has as arms.

In fact, the technology that powers this “futuristic dinner” service is partly a local innovation. Those who programmed the system, created the software, connected the tables and built a server for the owners of the premises, were young people from the mechatronics department of the University of Mosul. And, on the other hand, the robots are imported.

«Welcome», «We want you to have a good time in our restaurant», «We would love to know your opinion about the quality of the service», are some of the phrases that these diners say automatic assistants, with red eyes blinking in their bright blue and white exteriors.

Rami Chkib Abdelrahman, owner of the restaurant «White Fox», says that the idea arose from the exhaustion of the confinement and the desire to bring a taste of the future to the people of your locality.

“On television, you see robots and touch screen tables in the United Arab Emirates, Spain and Japan and we wanted to replicate something similar,” said Abdelrahman, the proud owner of the restaurant, which opened in June. “We saw the concept on social media in more than one restaurant, but it is not completely identical to what we have done.”

Thus, explain that they took three different concepts from venues around the world and combined them. Count with one food serving robot, a interactive table from which the customer can send orders directly to the kitchen and, in addition, have decided completely remove the paper selection menu.

So far, the novel service has been a hit with the locals.

What’s more, the place has futuristic and spatial decorations. For example, you have an astronaut floating through the painted wall and the ceilings are dotted with glowing constellations.

Nevertheless, the star attraction are still the two androids, sporting a black scarf and beret, rolling back and forth all over the place to deliver orders.

In Iraq, robots provide the service
The two droids sport a scarf and a black beret.

As they get closer people take out their cell phones and the children quickly stand next to them to take souvenir photos.

Contrary to what is supposed, humans have not been completely replaced by machines, because four young waiters are busy picking up the dishes from the robot trays and placing them on the tables.

In Iraq, robots provide the service
The locals come to take photos with the star robots.

They presented an advanced robot that combines walking with flight

robot that combines walking with flight

Presented by the California Institute of Technology, the LEO name is a singular abbreviation for “legs onboard drone”(Drone with legs on board). As its name implies, the robot stands out for its ability to combine walking with flight.

Specifically, it is capable of performing complex movements for a machine, which include everything from skateboarding to balancing on a rope, as seen in the video released by researchers from the American institute.

From the team of the Center for Autonomous Technologies and Systems (CAST) of that university, they comment that Leo is the first robot to employ multi-jointed legs and propeller-like thrusters. It is thanks to this that he manages to achieve a greater degree of balance, advancing on two legs.

Meet LEO, the robot that climbs the tightrope and the skateboard |  Vanguard News
LEO climbs the tightrope and skateboard.


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