GHKKPM: Pakhi will question Virat about Shruti, will get a befitting reply

Star Plus’ serial ‘Gum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ is all set to take a new turn in the story. While the entire Chauhan family is angry with Sai (Aishwarya Sharma) leaving the house, Sai is worried about Virat’s Shruti. Meanwhile, many new twists are coming in the serial, let us tell you what will happen next in the show….

Sai hit taunt

Till now you have seen that Sai meets Shruti in the hospital. Where she learns to Sai that Shruti is Virat’s wife, after which she breaks up. However, being a doctor, she convinces Pulkit for Shruti’s operation and he also becomes successful. At the same time, Sai is once again seen taunting Virat that his concern for Shruti is clearly visible in his eyes, in response to which Virat tells him not to trust her.

Pakhi will question Virat

In the upcoming episode, you will see that Virat will return home after Shruti’s operation. Where Pakhi will be seen questioning Virat about Shruti as to why she is tired. But Virat will ask him not to interfere in his matter, due to which Ninad and Ashwini will be seen coming and asking questions to Virat. At the same time, the matter will increase so much that Bhavani will ask Virat to bring Sai home or leave the house himself.

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