Hindi news channel Zee Hindustan now available in Tamil, Telugu

MUMBAI: Zee Hindustan, Zee Media’s anchorless Hindi news channel, has made itself available in Tamil and Telugu. The move will allow the channel to cater to the Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh markets.

“Being in Tamil & Telugu, it will help a consumer to understand the very essence of any national news,” said Zee Media Editor-in-Chief & CEO Purushottam Vaishnava.

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“Zee Hindustan is a national news channel which aims to disrupt the thinking behind news. It is bringing in a change to the way news has been historically presented, laced with the opinion of the anchors. No change can be brought in without addressing audiences from every corner of the country. Therefore, we have launched the channel in Tamil and Telugu for very important communities of the country.”


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Shivam Bangwal

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