This is Exactly How Your Life Is When You Are Too Obsessed With Your Fitness Band

Are you obsessed with walking to all places? Are you totally mad about taking the stairs instead of the lift? Are you continuously thinking only about how much of your daily target you must have achieved today? If your answers are in ‘yes’, you have come to the right place! What follows is an account of your daily life, of your obsession with the little black watch, the fitness band that you got because you thought it will make your life more active and fit.

Read ahead and sulk, and don’t forget to check your heart rate when you laugh too much. :D

1. You have become obsessed with brisk-walking because seeing the number of steps increasing on that fitness band gives you almost an orgasmic pleasure.

Obsessed with brisk-walking

2. You now have a proper account of your heart rate and as soon as something happens you rush to check how it has affected your heart rate.

 heart rate obsession

3. You have started to exercise regularly just because you love the digital compliments the band gives you on completing those sets of cardio exercise.

Started Exercising

4. You have started walking home instead of taking a cab now, because ‘fitness band’.

walking home for the band

5. You have climbed up and down a set of stairs more than once just to complete the target in the band.

walking up and down the stairs

6. You start brisk-walking in your house at 2330 hours because you still have 1000 steps to walk and there’s just half an hour left till end of the day.

walking at home
7. You also force your colleagues and friends to walk with you because ‘your targets’.

8. Not just walk, you force them to use the stairs when the poor souls are tired and just want to take the elevator.

9. And they have obviously started to hate your fitness band, which you obviously love a little too much.

10. Your new way to cheer yourself up in sad times is to look at your fitness targets.

11. Low battery on your fitness band is a scarier thing than low battery on your phone now.

12. And the day you forget it home, it’s like the world has ended. Walking seems like a waste of time, because what’s walking without proof of having walked?

13. It is one of those unfortunate days when you just have to keep walking, without knowing how much you walked.

14. That day is a black mark in your walking history – ‘0 steps’ ‘0% target achieved’, oh those dreadful words!

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