India has 80 million stray dogs and cats, highest levels of abandonment: Report

New Delhi: With an estimated 79.9 million homeless cats and dogs living in shelters or streets, India has the highest abandonment level compared to countries such as the US, China and Germany, a Mars Petcare India report said on Thursday. Mars Petcare India in partnership with an advisory board of leading animal welfare experts released the State of Pet Homelessness Index report, which identifies contributing factors in India. The index revealed that there are an estimated 80 million homeless cats and dogs living in shelters or on the streets in India. All pets wanted, cared for, and welcomed – India’s overall index was 2.4 out of 10, based on a variety of factors affecting pet homelessness. Despite a rise in pet ownership during the COVID-19 pandemic, India’s figures show that two-thirds of pet parents found a new appreciation for their pets during the lockdown, and six out of 10 gave one. Felt encouraged to adopt. ( Highest sacrifice level in India )

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No way to measure and track this scale

However, data from India highlighted several challenges such as housing limitations, financial limitations, practical constraints and lack of behavioral awareness about stray pets, which led people to buy breed dogs and cats instead of adopting them from shelters. . With half (50 per cent) of current and previous owners saying they have abandoned a pet in the past, compared to 28 per cent globally, the level of abandonment is higher in India than globally. About 34 percent said they had abandoned a dog on the streets, and 32 percent had abandoned a cat. The index is derived from data from more than 200 global and local sources across nine countries, supplemented by new quantitative research based on attitudinal data. Until now, there was no way to measure and track the scale of the issue of homeless stray dogs and cats around the world and in India… the EPH index is a call to action, we know this is just the beginning and we are on Mars Petcare India’s Managing Director Ganesh Ramani said, “We welcome the partnership with the government, NGOs and individual stakeholders who want to ensure that all companion animals are desired, cared for and welcome.”

82% of dogs in India are considered street dogs

According to data from India’s EPH Index, 82 per cent of dogs in India are considered street dogs, 53 per cent think street dogs are a danger to people, 65 per cent are afraid of dog bites, and 82 per cent people are afraid of dog bites. It is believed that dogs are afraid of dog bites. People believe that street dogs should be removed from the streets in shelters. Education around street dogs can play a big role in reducing stigma and driving a culture of ownership. Vaccination can reduce animal-human conflict and effective sterilization can reduce the number of stray animals on the streets. On the All Pets Wanted scale, which assessed breeding control programs, roaming and stray populations, and cultural attitudes toward pet ownership, India had relatively low amounts of companion animal sterilization and vaccination. The country also scored low on active partners for enabling responsible breeding practices and the skill and knowledge of owners.

Lowest number of Veterinarians per capita (Highest sacrifice level in India)

Under the ‘All Pets Care For’ category, which evaluates shelter adoption and pet ownership and access to veterinary care, the report found the number of veterinarians per capita is low, especially per capita small veterinarians. are also. In addition, dogs in India had a high percentage of diseases including rabies, TVT, and fleas/tick. The index assessed barriers to pet ownership/adoption and responsible pet ownership as well as government support and policy under ‘All Pets Welcome’. The report noted that the cost of keeping a pet in India is relatively expensive and the overall market value of the pet care industry in India is low, although it is growing rapidly. It added that there is a need to strengthen animal welfare standards and law enforcement against cruelty to animals, especially at the local level of government. ( Highest sacrifice level in India)

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