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Mamata Banerjee is excited. They 2024 The leaves for the general election have begun to be laid. In the same way as V.P. Singh had laid the cards on the basis of Bofors against Rajiv Gandhi for getting a majority of more than four hundred seats at one time or 2012 After winning the assembly elections in India, Narendra Modi laid cards against the Manmohan Singh government. The question is, what is the power of Mamta Banerjee’s leaves? which trump 2024 Before Narendra Modi, there was an atmosphere of removal of Narendra Modi in the middle but decisive voters against Narendra Modi., Yes, Delhi’s established majority power is defeated in elections only when the wind is against the Prime Minister that it is corrupt. is useless, If people get angry in their hearts, have the determination to remove them. Indira Gandhi’s defeat after the Emergency, Rajiv Gandhi’s record-breaking majority, or the sudden defeat of the all-loving-shining Vajpayee and the defeat of Manmohan’s ten-year-old government, all four had a decisive attitude that enough has happened to change this Prime Minister., Corrupt Hai (Yes, even in Vajpayee’s defeat, the Karigal-Tatoot-Tehelka ruckus was not minor). is useless.

So it’s nonsense that if people see the option first, then there will be change. People will defeat the Prime Minister without face unless there is a wind of his being corrupt and useless. Can Mamata Banerjee lay such cards against Narendra Modi?, Can Mamta and her manager Prashant Kishor make it air that Narendra Modi is a thief and Mamta is the goddess of honesty?, Narendra Modi is a servant of Adani-Ambani and not a public servant, Or Mamta Banerjee has made a better public interest model in West Bengal than Gujarat and she is a true Hindu worshiper of Maa Durga, is a Hindutva and Muslims, Pakistan, China will be shaken by her power.,

It is not of much importance that a Bengali speaking leader will not be popular in Hindi speaking states. of Gujarat 26 Gujarat vs Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha seats of Bengal 42 Mamta, who has Lok Sabha seats, has many such qualities, which can make her image in North India as well. Mamta Banerjee has no less cards than Narendra Modi in the aspects of being a fighter, a fighter, and a simple living wearing sandal, bag, sari and being a Durga worshiper, Brahmin. It is also possible that if Brahmins become disillusioned with the rule of Narendra Modi-Yogi-Shah in Hindi-speaking states, then finally the time is not far when the Pandits of Banaras started worshiping Mamta Banerjee as Durga Avatar in the same way as VP Singh was made Raj Rishi. Or was doing har, har for Narendra Modi.

yes it is possible 2024 By the time, Modi-Yogi-Shah’s trickery with Brahmins should create a new social equation, which can be of immediate benefit to Mamta Banerjee.

Despite this, all these cards are one and one two. Trump or Ek Aur Ek Eleven’s synergy against Modi is not going to make chemistry. Due to this, the corrupt, useless and now a lot of sentiment of Narendra Modi is not going to be created in Hindi speaking states. Because the basic screw is that where is the medium of getting it made, Who is going to make Mamta Banerjee’s dugdugi in Hindi speaking states?, She is a Brahmin, Durga is an avatar, she is the destroyer of enemies, she is honest, it is said that out of 543 seats in UP, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh or Lok Sabha. 239 How will it be promoted in the Hindi states with seats?, If Mamta Banerjee does not have nameless people, organizations, newspapers and media in these states, then how will it happen in the next two years.,

This is possible only because of Congress, Alliance with Congress, One and One Eleven chemistry with Rahul-Priyanka Gandhi. In the time of JP or by V.P.Singh or 2004 In spite of the disagreement, Sonia Gandhi had succeeded by forming an alliance with Jan Sangh, BJP or Left parties by making a strategy to spoil the air of the Prime Minister, then understanding the limitations., Then 2024 How Mamata Banerjee and her manager Prashant Kishor alone can spoil the air of Narendra Modi in North India without an alliance with Congress., Is it spoiling the air of Congress or Narendra Modi?, He has to finish Congress or Narendra Modi., Then there is the question of lakhs of rupees whether the current campaign of laying Mamta’s cards is to defeat the Congress or to win Narendra Modi.,

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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