Let’s watch the Japanese YouTuber try Shen Chong which is very hot on Steam

Than Trung has begun to resonate in the international gaming community.

As we have reported, after more than 4 months of implementing the Than Trung development project, Dung CT and the members of DUT Studio have officially completed the first Demo of Than Trung. More specifically, Than Trung was officially approved by Valve (Steam’s parent unit) at dawn on August 27. Thus, after more than 4 months of longing, finally the Vietnamese gaming community as well as fans of streamer tycoon Dung CT also had the opportunity to experience the first Demo of Than Trung.

Not exclusively did the Vietnamese gaming local area experience the free Demo rendition of Than Trung, numerous gamers all throughout the planet shared video cuts playing the Than Trung Demo form and were astonished at the dread that the game brought. Likewise, a Japanese YouTuber with the moniker as of late shared a video of this gamer playing the demo adaptation of Than Chong, saying that he encounters the Demo of Than Chong in light of the fact that he cherishes playing exemplary games. is local to Asia.

Explicitly in the video, this YouTuber なまあじ鯵人 from Japan shows extraordinary esteem and acclaims for the designs and sound to the frightfulness of Than Chong. In spite of the fact that he didn’t exactly comprehend the plot that the Demo passed on, he said that the unfortunate thumping and an unpleasant red room caused him to feel that Than Chong would be a fruitful frightfulness game when it was delivered.

Specifically, truly likes the group of DUT Studio engineers who have taken incredible consideration when the Demo variant has Japanese just as numerous different dialects, assisting him with bettering comprehend the what’s going on in the Demo (the majority of the Demos are in English as it were). Toward the finish of the video, he shared that Than Chong’s Demo variant was more limited than he suspected, however it was sufficient to alarm him, he expected Than Chong to be authoritatively delivered soon so he could encounter the dread of another title. Asian repulsiveness game.

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About Than Trung, this is a round of the loathsomeness type, first-individual viewpoint. As indicated by Dung CT, this task was finished by him for certain different individuals from Team Dut. Than Chong will spin around the account of a young fellow, who is caught in a ceaseless bad dream in his own motel.


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