Lionel Messi spoke about Qatar 2022: “I would sign a World Cup final against anyone”

Messi spoke about Qatar

Nothing and nobody takes away Lionel messi his biggest dream: to be world champion with the Argentina Selection. He wants it that way but, better still, he wants it that way and he makes it increasingly clear with his game, his commitment, his leadership and his word. “I would sign a World Cup final against whoever”, sentenced.

The Rosario forward of the PSG and of the Selection gave an interview to the Marca newspaper from his new home in Paris, and there he reviewed the most important points of his present: the adaptation to his new club, the departure of the Barcelona and the possibility of returning, to the trust in Xavi and the objective with the Selection, now that the most important of the year have been achieved: the title of the America Cup and the classification to Qatar World Cup 2022.

The year with the Argentine national team

“It was an incredible year at the national team level, I was able to meet one of the goals that cost me so much, which was always close and I couldn’t achieve it, which was to win the America’s Cup, and we ended up achieving the goal of qualifying for the World Cup. We finished the year in a brilliant way and wanting more ”.

Messi spoke about Qatar
Lionel Messi at the celebration of the Copa América 2021 title.

The union of the Argentine national team

“Today we are very well, having won the Copa América helped a lot because it made the team work in a different way, that it has much more confidence, but we know that we still have a long way to go to be one of the great candidates. We are going to try to arrive in the best way, as in every game that we have to play ”.

The dream of playing a world final again

“I would sign a final (of the World Cup) with Spain or whatever, I would like to be in a new final, try to achieve a new goal, the truth is that the dream and the illusion always exist.”

Messi spoke about Qatar
Lionel Messi spoke about Qatar.

The records he achieved in the Spanish League

“I think that tomorrow, when I no longer play and see how lucky I was to get the records I had, which were many, I am going to give them the value they really have and it will be something extraordinary that they are there and last as long as that they have to last ”.

The difficulties to achieve continuity in PSG

“We are fully adapted to our new life. Once we were able to be at home, the children started school and we had our routine, really well. We had to go through many trips with Argentina, many qualifying matches, a lot of back and forth, and that means that I do not have a continuity at the level of games with PSG, but the truth is that in life I have settled very well ”.

The new life of Messi’s family in Paris

“It was a lot easier than we thought at first. We thought a lot about how difficult it was going to be for the boys, but they were the ones who adapted the fastest. Surely they will learn French very quickly, in that sense they fly, in that sense it was a peace of mind for me and Antonella because we saw them well very quickly and adapted to the new city and the new country ”.

PSG, favorite in the UEFA Champions League?

“It is true that we are one of the favorites by name, but we still need to be a really strong team and finish consolidating as a team, but we have great players to be. I think there are also other great candidate teams. The Champions League is very difficult and that is why it is so special and so beautiful, because there are the best. We are one of the favorites, but not the only ones ”.

The other candidates of Messi in the Champions

“Liverpool is very good, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Real and Atlético de Madrid … I think there are many teams that can fight for this Champions League.”

The present of FC Barcelona

“Barcelona is going through a stage of reconstruction with many young people, but I think that today there are better teams, although that does not mean that with the arrival of Xavi and the renewed enthusiasm more young people, it can continue to grow.”

The PSG dressing room

“I had to get to a very good dressing room, with good people as well as players. I had a very fast adaptation despite the fact that it was very rare to enter a new place after so many years, but at the same time it was easy because I already knew many of my colleagues and they speak a lot of Spanish. It is a very united wardrobe that could be seen from the outside and I confirmed it from the inside ”.

Sergio Ramos, from archrival to teammate

“At first it was weird. After so many years being rivals, being both he and I captains of Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​after so many fights we have had on the pitch, but he was always there. We always respected each other and today having him as a partner is a show. Little by little he is incorporated and hopefully he will play as quickly as possible to fight for the objectives ”.

Xavi, the new illusion for the reconstruction of Barcelona

“I think Xavi is a coach who knows a lot, who knows the house perfectly, who lived all his life in Barcelona and renews his illusions. He is a person highly respected by fans and players, a reference for young people who will surely make the team grow a lot ”.

Xavi Hernández, the friend and former partner

“We always talk, we are friends. We share a lot of things, we keep in touch, I don’t remember what I told him when he took office at Barcelona, ​​but I congratulated him on this step, I wished him the best and I’m sure he will do very well. He knows a lot, he is a hard worker and he knows the house well ”.

The return of Dani Alves to Barcelona

“I was surprised. I think it can be very good for young people, being able to help them grow, he is a winning person, he transmits a lot, he is an example of daily work, commitment and always wanting to win ”.

The possibility of returning to Barcelona

“I always want the best for Barcelona because I’m a fan, even if I’m not playing there anymore, but I have teammates and friends within the team. Come back as a player? I always said that at some point I was going to return to Barcelona because it was my home, because I was going to live there and because I was always going to try to help the club in whatever way I could and, obviously, if I can contribute and help the club, I would love to come back. ”.


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