Andresito: the Mbya Ka’aguy Porá 1 and 2 communities suspended school attendance due to repeated confrontations with the director of the BOP 117

The caciques, Lucio Martinez and Ernesto Chamorro, together with the guaraní teacher Victor Sayas, from the Mbya Ka’aguy Porá ”1 and 2 communities of Andresito, expressed that in their community they face a“ great conflict and malaise ”, differences and denunciation of irregularities against the Professor Marcela molina, director of the BOP 117 (Iriapú Reserve) of Puerto Iguazú, whose satellite school in the Guaraní village is dependent.

Through meetings and notes delivered to the Education authorities of the Province, they formalized their complaints about various irregularities and situations of “bad treatment” by the board towards members of the indigenous community.

In an interview with They pointed out that “coexistence with the community is not viable. This woman is not treated well, she lies, pressures and unkind people in the community. He does not listen to our proposals, and gets involved in issues that do not correspond to him. For example, inciting our people to change the chief or authority of our village. She means who is the cacique for us. We are tired of your problems. We no longer want this lady at school ”, they expressed. And this was the request raised to the provincial authorities.

From the Mbya Ka’aguy Porá ”1 and 2 communities, they sent the documents to the media that would support their proposals so that Education could study the case. “We are waiting for a response to our claim,” said the teacher Victor Sayas.

“The most serious problems occurred in October. Since then we have met with the supervisors and the chiefs with the people of the community who decided to suspend school attendance until this situation is resolved. We are waiting for an answer, ”said the Guaraní teacher, who did not rule out that the caciques decide to carry out mobilizations if they do not have answers.

«We are going to claim our right in Posadas, if we don’t have answers. There will be no classes at school with this woman, “said Sayas, who listed the list of the 7 main points for which they are upset and decided not to share more of the educational management of the director Molina.

“This is a genuine request from the families, who for four years lived under the pressure of this woman. It is not a political issue as Marcela Molina wants to believe. There is no one but us behind this claim, the families of the two Ka’aguy Porá communities, “he said.

Different visions

“We seek peace, get along in the community and at school. We want everyone to know that this claim is coming from this community, we do not have anyone from outside who is asking us for this more than my people, and my chief ”, clarified the Guaraní teacher.

Víctor Sayas also warned in the interview his concern about a “false document” that they are trying to circulate as an alleged agreement to continue until 2023 under the same conditions. “This is false. We are waiting for the response to our complaint, for our chiefs to speak with the authorities, for them to give us an answer to our request, for our rights to be fulfilled. We no longer want Marcela Molina in the village school, ”he remarked.

“We have not resumed the normal operation of the school for several weeks. The director took leave and we hope that she will be transferred. We don’t know anything yet, “he clarified.

“We decided to close the passage of this woman to our village, we asked for sanctions and that she be transferred, but no one has yet confirmed if this will be the case. There are many irregularities that we have discussed with the authorities and we await responses, there are many things to change to improve the year 2022. We cannot continue to depend on the Iguazú BOP for the community secondary school, we need our own Mbya Guaraní school in the village , that’s our fight. We want the guarantees of the school for the community, and that they guarantee respect for our culture and our decisions, that this woman is a liar and we cannot continue like this ”, concluded the teacher Sayas.

By Patricia Escobar


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