Sitting in the Santa María: students from the historic posadeño school denounce situations of harassment by their classmates

Unlike what happened weeks ago in the Roque González School where the students decided to organize a sitting demanding the lack of response from the authorities of the school before the denunciations of harassment and sexual abuse, the day of today in the Santa María school was accompanied by professors, preceptors and directors who decided to support the students.

“The space was created to continue and strengthen the approach to the most significant issues jointly with the interdisciplinary team to proceed with the current institutional protocol in these situations”, the Middle Level Management Team of Santa María explained through a statement.

Sitting in the Santa Maria

In addition, they clarified that this form of demonstration took place after socialization sessions organized by the institution with the students. “The socialized situations around the day were resumed “Educate in equality” which took place on Friday. In this way, through open and assertive communication, the concerns of our students were immediately addressed “, they indicated.

Sitting in the Santa Maria

In turn, from the Student Center that accompanied the young women during the sit-in on Tuesday, they assured that “The objective of today’s sit-in in the schoolyard was not to overshadow the image of the Institution or of the driving team, It was a space given to the students of the Institute and they were accompanied by the directors, who took action on the matter and worked on it..

“Measures are being taken in this regard and working together with managers so that this does not end here”They also reiterated.

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