Loudspeaker controversy: Five mosques ask people not to play DJ on Eid

Pune. Amid the ongoing controversy over the use of loudspeakers at religious places, the Intezamiya Committee of five mosques in Pune and some other senior members of the community have banned DJs from playing during Eid and used the money collected for this among the poor and needy. has decided. These people have asked the youth of the community not to play DJ loudly on the festival of Eid on May 2.

Maulana Mohsin Raza, Imam of Bhartiya Anjuman Qadriya Masjid in Lohia Nagar area of ​​Maharashtra, said that the ill-effects of loud DJ are known to all, it is not good for sick people and weak hearted. “So we have formed a core committee of five mosques in the area and held a meeting with their imams and other members and other senior people of the community and decided not to play DJ during Eid,” he told PTI. He said that the money collected for the DJ will be used to help the poor and needy.

Asked about the controversy over installation of loudspeakers in mosques, he said the Supreme Court guidelines regarding noise pollution are being followed in all the five mosques in the area and the sound is always kept low during azaan. Yunus Salim Sheikh, a member of the same core committee and teacher of Urdu, says that the formation of such a committee is a good step in the direction of dealing with social issues. Local resident and former councilor Yusuf Shaikh said the decision to not play DJs during Eid celebrations has received a good response and he hopes to do the same in other parts of the city.

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