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The Minister of Education, Science and Technology of Misiones, Miguel Sedoff, spoke at a webinar on artificial intelligence in the United Arab Emirate, where he narrated the experience of the province in the use of this type of technology, in the FanIOT and Hamelbot factories, which are located in the Posadas Industrial Park.

The official, who participated through a virtual meeting, explained that for the government of Misiones, the greatest strength of humanity is in investment, development and education.

“A good education is the basis for the development of the scientific, solid and innovative system and the technology that emerges as a consequence of this system can be an opportunity for unprecedented development, due to its potential in the history of humanity,” he said.

Sedoff indicated that education not only allows the intellectual, cognitive or individual development of people, but also contributes to the development of their life project within their community.

“These life projects are based on values, beliefs and expectations and are the solid base on which social destiny is built. That is why everything we do in education, all actions, even those small or anonymous, serve. Nobody knows where the key that changes the life of a young person is and when or in what way that key will be activated ”, he reflected.

The minister recalled that technology historically was an ally of education in any type of school system and stressed that the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the use of technology and forced the use of tools, almost without planning, as a solution. of emergency.

“It served to be able to spend those months of confinement but now, in the gradual return to normality, it questions us about what is useful and what not for the development of that future,” he warned.

After describing the type of products that Misiones produces in the FanIOT and Hamelbot factories, Sedoff defined artificial intelligence as an innovative tool and a complement to increase productivity, replace repetitive tasks or under cognitive requirements and to optimize decision-making processes. .

“For this reason, and in particular, Hamelbot’s products have added that artificial intelligence, which makes them not only innovative and disruptive, but also endows them with high levels of reliability and sustainability. One of the most interesting examples is that all the mobility vehicles that we have use Artificial Intelligence technology with TAS, which allows the sharing of vehicles, allowing the user to define hours, days, months that he considers that he is not going to use the system and to be able to share it with other people ”, he highlighted.

For Sedoff, artificial intelligence is and will be increasingly important to face the huge amount of administrative tasks that representatives and managers of educational systems have in charge and will allow them to free up more time to accompany students in their education.

“That is why artificial intelligence can take care of the management of school logistics, budget control, human resource management, documentation, updating. Act even as an intelligent communication channel ”, he described.

Finally, the missionary official remarked that artificial intelligence will provide many solutions but will not replace human contact within the educational system.

“Guidance, inspiration, empathy will only be produced by human contact, by this face-to-face encounter,” he concluded.

The meeting allowed Misiones to present to the United Arab Emirates in order to obtain collaboration and financing for the productive and technological projects that are developed in the province. In addition, Sedoff was accompanied by the board member of FanIOT Argentina, Martín Bueno.

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