Naira M Banerjee: My voice is melodious

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Navy officer’s daughter and law/advocacy actress Naira Banerjee has so far super hit Telugu film “Aakdu”, besides 18 films in South India and “Kamaal Dhamaal Malamal” and “Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal” in Hindi under the direction of Priyadarshan. Despite acting in a few other films including ‘One Night Stand’, she did not get the fame she wanted. As a result, to get fame, Naira M Banerjee turned to the small screen and rose to stardom overnight by playing the character of Divya Sharma in the TV serial “Divyadrishti”. Then he did serials and web series like ‘Excuse Me Madam’, ‘Hello Ji’. These days, Naira M Banerjee is seen in the negative character of Chakori in the serial “Raksha Bandhan: Rasal Bani Apne Bhai Ki Dhal” of “Dangal TV” made for the purpose of upliftment of women.

Here are the excerpts of the conversation with him.

People forget as soon as the serial is over and fame also disappears?Whereas the stardom of films is for a long time. You did not see this difference?

This difference was seen. The truth is that I didn’t want to work on TV. Since I have done more than a dozen films, then why should I do TV? This was on my mind. In those days, anyway, the actors and directors associated with the film industry were treated as untouchables. It was said that the face of those working in TV serials has been ‘over exposed’. Still, I have come to TV after doing a good job in films. The casting director of the serial ‘Divyadrishti’ said, ‘Naira, unless you are Salman Khan or Deepika Padukone, you are not a popular face. You are just an artist. If the film is a success, that’s okay. If the film fails, you go back to where you started. But when you work on TV, you become a familiar face that means fame begins. At least you will have work every day by joining TV serials. Every day you will get money. So focus on all these positive things. “After that my mind changed. I saw the truth in his words.

Whatever you have done till now, What was his experience? Is your struggle over?

If you call it my struggle, then I am still struggling, because I have to achieve something. If I do not consider struggle, then it is not my struggle. Because I am living my life everyday. I am wearing good clothes, doing good makeup and earning good money. Getting recognition. People are appreciating. So I am not fighting, but flying in the air.

what are your hobbies?

I am Bengali That’s why dancing, music, singing and painting are my hobbies. Petting doesn’t do much. But apart from Bollywood dance, I do Bharat Natyam and Kathak dance. I have learned Hindustani light classical music from my mother. Love to eat, but not to cook. I like cleanliness more. Taking mom for a drive. To do spiritual things. I am a Hindu, but I follow only those customs, which have some logic. Does not follow old outdated customs.

From whom did you learn dance and music?

Yes! I have learned Bharat Natyam and Kathak. I went to Kolkata to learn dance. Learned from a theater school there. While I learned music only from my mother. My mother wanted me to pursue a career in music.

Would you like to do playback in films in the future?

If I get a chance, I will do Riyaz. At present, Riyaz is closed for some time, but as soon as I get a chance, I will wake up at six in the morning and start doing Riyaz. My voice is melodious.

What do you think about love?

Love is a state of mind. What happens to a person is attachment, which again comes with pleasure and pain, which leads him to emotional ups and downs. My view of love is not “falling in love”, where pain and pleasure are constant. My idea of ​​love is to “grow in love” where both partners just want to push and support each other to do better and better.

What does success and failure mean to you in love?

It is important to be happy at all times. Love gives you the power to excel in the world, doesn’t bind you. Rather love makes you feel dependent on each other. Trust, commitment and respect are my kind of love. Loyalty will follow, as your feelings will go beyond physical attraction. Love is a magical and spiritual feeling where you know you can conquer the world because you have a partner who is a great support.

See, we have given different definitions of the word love like romantic and platonic. Whereas love is a state of mind, and you spread a sense of compassion to all, be it companions, friends, strangers or animals, every living being for that matter. Compassion is the greatest form of love.

People say that due to social media the lines between real and fake love have become blurred. Isn’t it difficult to find real love in such a situation?

Social media is just a platform where people want to show their natural side or change their ego. It’s still yours. Your side because it’s yours. Honestly, I think every human being has a human to himself. You just need to be clear about what and who you want to attract. Be the person you want to attract. Detox mentally, physically, emotionally and mentally. Focus only on what you want in your partner. The universe will find and make things happen for you.” Even if you fall in love, sometimes giving time becomes a problem. “Giving time is not an issue. You have to learn to manage time! When there is love, and you are connected mentally, emotionally, no matter how distant or how busy you are, you will manage to find time. Love is an illusion for those who do not understand the true meaning of love.

See, ‘Love is acceptance of a person’… the way we love our family members in any condition, because we have acceptance. Love is a state of bliss. When you are happy, you feel like you are in love. The moment you are apart, you feel that love is no more. Love can be a very magical experience or it can just feel like our feelings may not be magical with someone, but you know you want to spend your life happily with someone.

Celebrities running after fame don’t get true love?Your opinion on this?

We work 12 hours a day, that’s the nature of our business, it’s the pattern of our schedule. We don’t have the option of leaving just one project because so many people are assigned. We yearn for love. After long hours at work, we want our humans to be around, whether it’s our family or a partner, a spouse, someone we can hug and feel at home with. We spend so much time on the sets with only those people who we don’t get a chance in search of love. So a lot of co-stars get married and fall in love.

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